Sep 10, 2013

Business: Branding the Experience

As I’m growing as a photographer and in this business, I’m working hard to brand my business. I want my clients to feel as thought they are taken care of and in a cohesive experience. From the moment they email me with their needs, to the last email or phone call we exchange in for that session, I want them to feel cared for, valued, and taken care of.

Every client allows me to live my dream. They are my life blood so to speak; I am so so thankful for each family that allows me to serve them and document their special moments in life. So, as I have been trying so hard to brand my client experience, I wanted to share my latest work on the experience. Now each client who receives a DVD of their images will know just how much I CARE and how THANKFUL I am for them.

It’s excites me so much that I get to push my client experience farther and farther every day! I love my clients and I love my job! Ah!

A hand written note for EVERY client, because they are more than just clients, they are friends.



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