Sep 9, 2013

But really, living without a washer and dryer in my house is proving more difficult that I imagined. I honestly thought I would be totally fine without one, and that it truly was not worth the extra 70 dollars a month in rent. Well this week, my laundry took me through the ringer. A friend’s […]

Aug 29, 2013

Another stunning family graces the blog today! These images are from a celebration of 50 years of marriage between the parents of four sisters. Each of the sisters has a beautiful family, and it’s great to see how all of these people truly love each other just because they are family. I love that! I […]

Jun 25, 2013

As promised I am going to be sharing my iphone images from last Friday’s Kendrick Lamar concert. I did not want to bring my Mark ii to the concert knowing that I would have been more worried about keeping my camera safe than actually enjoying the concert with James. We had a GREAT time, and […]

Feb 8, 2013

There are things in this world I am constantly plagued with being afraid of. I have a list of things in my head that I constantly am terrified of happening to me at a session or wedding. In fact, some of these thing HAVE happened. Well, hello, mortifying experience. I know must of my fears […]

Jan 28, 2013

A week or so ago, my boyfriend’s family held a formal surprise family for his grandmother. It was a total surprise for her, and she looked AMAZING for turning 65! Her children worked hard to create a gorgeous night full of delicious food, a fancy cake, and, of course, dancing. I brought my camera along […]

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