A Couple’s Last Minute Check List
Guest Blog by Sarah D'attoma a Grove City Wedding Photographer

Happy Wednesday and International Women’s day, my internet friends!

Today, I’ve got a special treat for you; a guest blogger!! Sarah of D’Attoma Studios is sharing a couple’s last minute check list to look over before their wedding day. I’ve known Sarah for quite a while now, and she was actually the first wedding photographer I EVER shot for way back in 2010! Sarah’s been in the industry longer than I have, so I know that this last minute check list for couples she has created is going to be jam-packed with great advice! Be sure to give her a follow over on Facebook and Instagram before you read her tips, and if you check out her Instagram profile, you’ll find that I guest blogged for this incredible lady today too!

Sarah is a Grove City wedding photographer who serves wedding and portrait collections all over Central Ohio and Columbus, and she even travels down to little ole South Carolina a few weekends a year to serve her existing clients here!

Now, enough from me, here’s Sarah, her tips for your wedding, and a few of her stunning images…

“Hey Couples! Congratulations…. you have a ring on your finger and you’ve met the one you want to spend your life with!! You have so much you are thinking about and planning for, so I thought I’d jump in and help you with that last minute check list. These are things that you could easily forget on the wedding day and I want to help you to be fully prepared with minimal surprises and stress! When the wedding day comes, I always begin my day with the couple by reminding them to just relax and enjoy their day, and checking off this list is one of the ways that can help make that happen for you!

A Couples’s Last Minute Check List:

1. Make an Wedding-Day-Emergency Kit: (bobby & safety pins, tide pen, fabric tape, tissues, etc) When someone drops their eyeliner pen on their lap, or accidentally snags the hem of their dress, you will be ready to go! There have been many instances that this can be a source for last minute mayhem!! A kit, made ahead of time, with miscellaneous essentials can help you feel prepared for anything!

2. Bring Invitation Suite! This is the number one thing that couples don’t remember (or know) to bring! The photographer will photograph these for you and use them within the rest of your detail shots. Also, ask a bridesmaid to help you keep the following details in one place and ready for the photographer; wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, bride’s shoes, bridesmaid shoes, jewelry, wedding rings, veil, garter, wedding bouquet! (Helpful Tip: Order a custom wedding dress hanger from Hanger Design Center!)

3. Assign Someone to Bring Snacks + Refreshments! So many couples forget to eat as they are getting ready, and it can be easy to get dizzy or dehydrated, especially on hot days. Plan a brunch or meal for your wedding party if you have time! You can wake up and begin celebrating with your wedding party before all the hair and make up prep begins. Actually planning a set time to eat will assure that it actually happens. Once “getting ready” starts, it can be hard to stop and pop something in your mouth!

4. Exchange: Photographer’s number with Maid of Honor & Best Man before the wedding for any emergency’s. Wedding days can have all sorts of unexpected things come up, and this give you a sure-fire back up plan! During one wedding I was photographing, the bride + bridesmaid’s limo went to the wrong address for the ceremony, and the Maid of Honor was able to call me and tell me what happened! It was a relief to understand the situation and be able to inform others that they were on their way. (This stuff happens, so be prepared!)

5. Flowers Delivered to the couple! Have flowers delivered right before your photographer starts wedding day coverage. They will be used in detail portraits and then you will have them ready to go when it’s time to photographed any planned portraits for the day! Many times flowers can be delivered too early (then they start to wilt) or too late (and then they aren’t being used in getting ready photos!). If in doubt, ask your photographer what time they need to be brought to the venue!

6. Keep Rings Together: Give all rings to Maid of Honor so they can be photographed with detail photos. Many times the rings get split up the night before at the rehearsal and then it’s difficult to remember to photograph them later in the day. You want this to be done right when the photographer arrives, and this way, they will have everything they need in one place, ready to go!

7. Declutter: Ask your wedding party to help pick up the getting ready room before the couple gets dressed! Also, if there is a window, the photographer is going to want to photograph in the corner/wall of the room with the most natural light. Clear everything away from the window so there is nothing misc in the background of the portraits! Bridesmaids should also be dressed and ready to go when it’s the bride’s turn, so that you can help her get her gown on!

8. Hand Out An Itinerary: Give a Wedding-Day Itinerary to your wedding party the night before the wedding! This eliminates all confusion on when everyone needs to arrive and gives them a visual on how the wedding day will flow. I have noticed, this also takes significant stress off the couple having to coordinate and communicate with everyone. I have had a few weddings where the groomsmen “complain” about having to be at the wedding venue so early. If that’s the case, the bride can blame the photographer! (We don’t mind!)

9. Carve Out Time for You! Plan plenty of time for couples portraits! (Helpful Tip: If you’re able to do natural light portraits, get heel-stoppers so your heel’s (if you’re wearing a pair!) don’t sink in the grass!) Your wedding day will fly by and you want to be sure you set aside as much time as you can for portraits with your spouse! This is a great time for you to step away from the crowds and just be together, getting portraits taken that will last forever. I usually recommend two different times in the day for couples portraits as well: Either a first look or right after the ceremony, and five to ten minutes during the reception at sunset.

10. Relax & Get Ready to CELEBRATE!! You’ve done the hard work and now it’s time to take a deep breath and enjoy the day you’ve planned for with those you love! Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and you’ve probably spent months thinking about every last detail. Now, you get to get all dolled up, walk down to the aisle, marry the one you love and dance the night away! ”

Okay, it’s Jess again! Are these not some INCREDIBLE tips for a couple’s last minute check list?! If this post was helpful for you, then go ahead and let Sarah and I know in the comments below.  AND, if you have any questions or need more advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us for more information!



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