It’s time to celebrate!

Whether you’re high school sweethearts, friends turned lovers, or two strangers who spontaneously bumped into each other and fell head over heels... 

You said YES to sharing and building an

 incredible life together.

And that’s cause for a huge celebration! Seriously, if I was with you in person right now, I’d pour you a delicious craft brew and we’d have high fives all around!

I have a hunch that you’re looking for gorgeous photographs that tell the story of who you are in a genuine, true-to-you way, and a wedding photographer who will make you feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera (who isn’t afraid to bring some fun to the party)!

Guess what? That mythical creature does exist!

Meet the South Carolina wedding photographer behind it all.

I can’t wait to meet

I’m incredibly passionate about creating imagery that helps couples connect in a deeper way and fall even more in love with each other, long after their wedding day ends.

Ever since I got my first digital camera at the age of 16, I've been in love with capturing moments we can never get back. These days, I'm a wedding photographer in South Carolina  shooting 20-25 local and destination weddings each year, and let me just tell you, I feel like I’m living the DREAM.

Hi! I'm Jess,

The couples I work with are stunning, compassionate, brave, and kind… and I’m so humbled that THIS is my job.

When I’m not working you can catch me hanging out with my sweet pup and two cats, re-reading my favorite Harry Potter novel, or watching a true crime drama with friends.

Wanna read about a few more of my favorite things?


right this way

Packing My Bags

I've traveled all across the States from NYC to LA and even recently traveled internationally to Brazil to photograph a lovely couple! I can’t wait to see where I’m off to next! If you’ve got destination wedding plans, I wanna know about them!

inquire about destination weddings


My sweet rescue pup that my father found abandoned on the side of the road. He's a bassador, a basset-hound and lab mix! He loves going on walks, distracting me while I work, and annoying his sister cats while I'm away at weddings. You can usually find more of Ranger and his antics in my Instagram stories!


I listen to 5-7 different pods a day! I love to learn, keep up with current events, and hear what others have to say about their lives and experiences. A few of my favorites are The Daily, Pod Save America, Hidden Brain, and Binge Mode: Harry Potter! I also love True Crime! Hearing stories of the bad guys getting caught and facing justice is so fulfilling to me. A good scary story with a side of justice is what I’m all about!

Sweet, Sweet Caffeine

I’m obsessed with a good cup of coffee and I’ll take it any time of day, any which way! It’s the perfect start to my mornings, it powers me through slow afternoons, and I’ll even sip it at night sometimes. My regular order is a Venti Blonde Americano with a splash of almond milk and a pump of vanilla.  


I love keeping up with what’s current in American politics and voicing my opinion about those things with friends and family. Staying up to date on the progress of those fighting for my values is important to me, and I hope to run for public office someday!

Arya & Maxine

These are Ranger's sister cats: the original members of my fur family! Arya (pronounced aR-EE-ah) and Maxine (aka Maxie, Max, Cat, or LUMP) are actually sisters from the SAME litter, just with different fathers. Google it, it can happen. They are my favorite two four-legged friends I’ve ever had! We've been through some things, ya feel me? 

Good Brews

Ahh, there’s nothing like a good craft beer. Whether it’s straight from the tap or bottled from a local brewery in Columbia, I’m ready for either. I’m also always excited about happy hour and good beer! It’s five o’ clock somewhere, right? If you’re in SC I totally recommend Columbia Craft and Catawaba Brewing!

Golden Hour

Every photographer I know adores the 30 minutes before and after the sun sets, and I do too! The light during that time is perfect for pictures and creates a gorgeous, warm ambiance over my couples.

My Momma

She really is the world’s greatest. She’s strong, funny, silly, and quite close to perfect. Her professional success inspires me to work hard and build a business I’m proud of! She also loves to go to the movies and always orders her popcorn with extra butter.

Bad-Action Blockbusters

You know those movies that are SO BAD, they’re GOOD? The big action blockbusters that don’t make sense, usually have one hero and one heroine, and a bunch of explosions? I just love how easy they are to watch and enjoy if you just let yourself go on the wild ride!

Representation in Imagery

Truly Matters

ALL couples are welcome in front of my lens, no matter WHAT your love looks like. Your wedding should be a celebration of YOU, and I’m totally here for it!

The images we see on a daily basis can change how we see the world and other lives around us. I want to create beautiful images of every type of couple, highlighting what makes them wildly unique, so I can show the world how we all love in the same way... even if we look or believe differently. 

I'm proudly a wedding photographer for anyone and everyone! Members of the LGBTQ+ community; partnerships of all genders; and ceremonies inspired by all backgrounds, religious traditions, countries, and cultures are welcome here at Jessica Hunt Photography. 

I’d be honored to photograph you and your partner, no matter how you love, on one of the most special days of your life, and I can’t wait to call you my friends!

my Colored hair

My hair is an extension of my open-minded, brave-hearted, free-thinking soul. I’m an artist to my core, and dying my hair a vibrant mix of violets, blues, and pinks is the ultimate act of self-expression for me.

Life is too short to not show up authentically yourself in every moment. Who I am is bold, imaginative, and colorful, and I want everyone to know that hanging out with me is a damn good time!


"After postponing due to the pandemic, Jessica was there every step of the way to be there for our revised intimate wedding with 5 guests. She captured every moment beautifully."

Angie & Sean, 2020 Couple

What other COUPLES are saying

"I cannot emphasize enough of how great an experience my wife and I had with Jessica as our wedding/engagement photographer. She truly is a master at her craft in every aspect."

Erin & Henry, 2020 Couple

What couples are saying...

"This is a photographer who is not only talented but also creates a space to celebrate the love of real couples from all walks of life. She is a unicorn in her field."

Deri-Ann & Trajen, 2020 Couple

What COUPLES are saying...

"From the very first phone call to our gallery delivery Jessica was the absolute best. Not only does she work to make sure every shot is pure magic she makes you feel comfortable the entire time." 

Taylor & Jerran, 2020 Couple

What COUPLES are saying...

"I love everything thing about her work. She did a wonderful job capturing our beauty as a Black couple."

Latoya & Andre, 2020 Couple

What COUPLES are saying...

"She has the best personality! She’s so patient, kind, and really goes above and beyond to meet your needs." 

Alisha & Stephen, 2020 Couple

What COUPLES are saying...


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Did we just become best friends?

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