Apr 5, 2017

Meet Nicole
SC Wedding Vendor

Hello, there friends! It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged, and today I wanted to take the time to introduce to you another SC wedding vendor! Meet Nicole, a young professional living in Columbia, SC who passionate about healthy living and keeping your body fueled with the things it needs.

I could go on and on about how beautiful Nicole’s spirit is or about how truly genuine she is in person, but I’ve really got to let Nicole tell you about herself, her business, and how she fits into the wedding industry in Columbia, South Carolina! I hope you enjoy meeting this sweet lady, and that you reach out to her on Facebook, her Instagram, or her website when you’re ready to make a healthy lifestyle change!

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

“I’m a lover of Jesus. I’m a wife and a friend. A hard-worker, but I love a good pair of sweatpants and covet unhurried coffee conversations. Golden Girls: My spirit animals. I’ve had serious health issues in my family, several of which were related to heart conditions, strokes, and cancer. I’ve lost several family members and used to live in utter fear of who was next, including the fear that it was me. People of the world! This is no way to live!”

What do you do? 

“I was introduced to Arbonne a few months after college and have been learning ever since (several years now). From a health perspective, the company has taught me so much concerning how our bodies work and the truth behind diseases. It has pushed me to study and increase my understanding of health, which in turn decreased my fear immensely. We have so much control! I am always learning, and now always teaching you and anyone else who wants to produce health in their body without a personal vegan chef preparing your meals everyday, ha!

From a business perspective, I am continually blow away by how strong Arbonne’s business plan is, how much they want you to succeed, and how utterly life-giving the community is that I’m a part of. These people have become family to me, and training conferences are more like reunions. Never have I experienced such hugging, running-through-the-parking-lot greetings, weepy phone conversations, and fiery truth spoken over my life, in every sense.”

How does your business cater to the wedding industry? 

“I’m obsessed with weddings. Yes I have crashed a few, no apologies! Can’t get enough :) I’m married but still want another wedding dress! Yes, I’m that girl. That being said, I’m thrilled when I am honored with the job of doing facials and make-up with the bridal party. Heck, let’s all do foot-soaks, too!

Everything I used is plant-based, vegan, and dermatologist tested (not just “recommended”), and adheres to European standards. So let me help you look good, feel good, and smell sweet on your special day!

Pre-wedding, I also love to help anyone who is looking to further their health before the big day. If you’re looking to lose weight, please stop eating cereal 3 times a day in place of meals, or just counting your calories. Let me teach you how to eat plenty of the right things that will fight disease in your body, taste good, and help you shed some lbs!”

What is a common misconception you face when it comes to your business?

“People often think I’m just working for “another lipstick business” and don’t realize I actually teach disease prevention classes. The products I provide just help us all to replace thing things we’re normally using everyday with something that is safe! I’m at war with nasty chemicals that make you feel sleepy, bloated, anxious, depressed, etc. Healthy is the new happy, lovelies!”

What is your favorite part of what you do?

“Sharing knowledge! I was so clueless before about real health and not just the “diet” life. I love to share with others so that they can take control of their own health, too.”

Tell us something fun! 

“Sometimes on the side I coordinate weddings for fun. The last wedding I did, I literally had to fight with the guests about eating dessert before the cake was cut!! Picture me and my team on walkie talkies coordinating who was guarding the dessert table while the others kept working, or who could come grab the desserts and hide them before they were all eaten. “Eagle down! We are losing more!” You guys, it got so serious. We still bear the scars. Ha!!”

I hope you enjoyed meeting this sweet girl today, and get in touch with her if you’re looking for a big change!! A healthier lifestyle is a happier one, y’all!



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