Dec 7, 2016

Tara & Joey
Columbia SC Photographer

Couples portraits are always one of my favorite things to photograph, especially if the couple is already married. There is just something about a love that has had a few years to grow and mature… Married couples always interact so comfortably with each other, and I’ve found that posing a married couple in more intimate poses is always a bit easier, just because they are just at ease with each other. There’s something to be said for a love that lasts and grows!

And Tara and Joey are a perfect example of that! I was so honored when they choose me to document this stage in their marriage and love story, and I was even more excited when Tara requested the Gervais Street Bridge as the location/background for their session. I mean, what else could a Columbia SC photographer want, other than to shoot a gorgeous session in front of one of Columbia’s most well-known landmarks?

This session is seriously just gorgeous and full of love, and I’m excited to share with you my favorites frames from this couples session! Enjoy!

columbia-sc-photographer_0383 columbia-sc-photographer_0384 columbia-sc-photographer_0385 columbia-sc-photographer_0386 columbia-sc-photographer_0387 columbia-sc-photographer_0388 columbia-sc-photographer_0389 columbia-sc-photographer_0390

That light, tho!!!

columbia-sc-photographer_0391 columbia-sc-photographer_0392 columbia-sc-photographer_0393 columbia-sc-photographer_0394 columbia-sc-photographer_0395 columbia-sc-photographer_0396 columbia-sc-photographer_0397 columbia-sc-photographer_0398

We started on the other side of the bridge at the West Columbia Riverwalk for a few more casual portraits, and a few images of Tara and Joey with their fur babies.columbia-sc-photographer_0399 columbia-sc-photographer_0400 columbia-sc-photographer_0401

I’m so happy Max and Martini could join us for a few frames!columbia-sc-photographer_0402 columbia-sc-photographer_0403 columbia-sc-photographer_0404 columbia-sc-photographer_0405 columbia-sc-photographer_0406 columbia-sc-photographer_0407 columbia-sc-photographer_0408 columbia-sc-photographer_0409

I hope you enjoyed this Columbia SC couples session as much I do, and happy Wednesday, friends!



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