Dec 2, 2016

The Lace House Bridal Portraits
Ti Auni

Bridal portrait sessions are one of my most favorite things to photograph, and Ti Auni’s was no different. Since she was married to the love of her life this past weekend at the River Road and Jasmine Houses and Gardens, I can finally share with you her gorgeous bridal portraits!!

We met one rainy afternoon at The Lace House in Columbia, SC for her bridal portraits a few months ago, and it was a flawless session! Ti Auni’s close friend, Niecey Ford, joined us to do Ti’s makeup, and Ti Auni’s gown from Carolina Couture  was the perfect mix of lace and ruffles. Wait till you see her train, too!

Now, let’s get to the pretty! I hope you enjoy my favorite frames from this Lace House bridal portrait session!


Everyone loves a good velvet couch…lace-house-bridal-portrait_0350 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0351 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0352 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0353

lace-house-bridal-portrait_0362 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0354 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0355

So much classic beauty! lace-house-bridal-portrait_0356 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0357 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0358 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0359

My favorite from the session…lace-house-bridal-portrait_0360 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0361
lace-house-bridal-portrait_0363 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0364 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0365 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0366 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0367

Thankfully, the rain slowed down right at the end of our session so we could step outside onto the Lace House’s porch for a few outdoor portraits…lace-house-bridal-portrait_0368 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0369 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0370

Ugh, Ti Auni, you’re so beautiful!! I die!lace-house-bridal-portrait_0371 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0372 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0373 lace-house-bridal-portrait_0374

And a big congratulations to the newly weds! Be sure to check back next week for their wedding’s full blog post!



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