Mar 26, 2012

Wedding Day: Allie &Ronnie

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot with D’Attoma Studios as a secondary photographer. I always LOVE shooting, and shooting second on wedding days is a great way to practice and help out another photographer.

It was a gorgeous spring day; the weather was perfect. Allie got ready among her friends and family, all the while talking about Ronnie. Once the hair, makeup, and the dress were on and ready, the excitement could be felt throughout the room. It was almost time for the wedding. Ronnie prepared with his best man and kept a calm demeanor as he headed with his groomsmen for pictures. The long day FLEW by, but in the end there was nothing that could take away from the bride and groom. Both wore huge smiles as the set off for Cancun the next day.

Allie, you looked so stunning, and I loved being able to get to know you throughout the day. Ronnie, I love that you have such great friends that surrounded you throughout the day, and I know you have made Allie the happiest girl in the world. Thank you both for letting me be a part of your special day.

Much love,


Allie’s dress was so gorgeous! I love the little details.

These rings are so GORGEOUS. AH.

Love this images of Ronnie getting ready.

These groomsmen were a crazy bunch; they kept Ronnie on his toes throughout the day.

Seriously, Allie!?!

After the ceremony and family pictures, we jumped in portraits of the bride and groom. At sunset. These are the images that mean the most to me after a wedding day; the ones that will hang in their house in the coming years.


Then on to the reception at the Lace House. SO much dancing happened. I LOVED it. Even wanted to join in a few times, but I cannot dance, at all. Ha.

After the cake cutting, dancing, and fun, Allie and Ronnie ended their night walking out among their friends and family. While Sarah was capturing the bigger picture of their exit, I was waiting on the other side of the car to grab this shot. I love it. So much.

Congrats to Allie and Ronnie!!!



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