Jul 18, 2016

Augusta GA Engagement
Torrie & Brandi

Happy Monday, internet friends! Today’s feature is one I’ve been dying to share for the past few weeks. I’d like you all to meet Torrie and Brandi, a JHP couple getting married later this year.

I met them in Augusta, Georgia at the Savannah River Rapids Pavilion on a sun-lit afternoon to photograph a few engagement portraits, and the next morning we explored around the August Riverwalk and Marina for a few more romantic shots. The riverwalk provided us with some gems in the morning light, and I was so excited to shoot at the pavilion because that is wear Torrie asked Brandi to marry her!

These two love each other so much, it honestly chokes me up every time I look at these images. They are such a special couple and both such special ladies; I’m INCREDIBLY thankful to be their SC same-Sex wedding photographer!

I hope you enjoy browsing through these stunning portraits, and that they make you get as excited as I am for their upcoming wedding day! Enjoy!

Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-1 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-3

Seesh, that evening light was just GLOWING!


I mean, it was magical, y’all! Spanish moss and bokeh for the WIN!


One of my favorite shots of Torrie coming up on the right…

Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-13 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-15

A few months ago, Torrie and Brandi came to this park to place a lock on the bridge with the words, “To my favorite part of everyday” inscribed on it. When Brandi turned away after they locked in their love on the bridge in that lock, Torrie dropped to one knee and asked her to marry her. I absolutely LOVED going back to visit this special spot with them…
Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-6 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-8

Ugh, these two are JUST SO CUTE!!

Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-17 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-20 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-23 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-47 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-28 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-32 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-33 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-29 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-36 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-38 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-40 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-48

Two of my favorites…


And we found this quote randomly at the August Riverwalk and Marina, and it fit these two PERFECTLY.

Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-43 Sumbission-Hunt-Photography_SC-Wedding-Photographer_2016-46

Make sure to give these amazing lovers some compliments in the comments!!



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