Mar 17, 2016

Columbia College Senior Portraits

Columbia College senior poses with the sun behind her smiling at the camera.

Today’s featured session is one full of beauty, gorgeous natural light, and a stunning Columbia College senior. We met on a lovely Sunday afternoon to explore the campus of Columbia College and photograph Jenny on the campus of her soon-to-be alma mater!

I am a graduate of Columbia College myself, so these session was especially fun for me. I loved being able to be back on campus and spending time photographing in a special place in my heart.

Jenny ROCKED her session, even pulling out all the stops in a stunning black dress and heels. Enjoy this peek into this recent Columbia College senior portraits session!


The next frame on the right is one of my favorites… So much quite, stunning beauty.


Ha, Jenny hated me for demanding her to do the “walk and laugh and look around” shots, but she rocked them! Her natural smile made a few appearances!

Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0025Beautiful latina college senior smiles looking into the camera with the sun shinning behind her.Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0011Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0010

And now for the little black dress…



Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0013Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0015College senior wearing a black dress sitting on the Columbia College fountain and smiling. Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0017Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0018Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0019Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0020

And Jenny’s long time boyfriend was able to hop in a for a few images, and I’m glad he did. They are so incredibly adorable!

Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0021Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0024Columbia-College-Senior-Portraits_0023A Columbia couple wearing a black dress and blue jeans and a purple shirt face each other with huge smiles on their faces.



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