Jun 4, 2021

Columbia, SC Boudoir Closet

Columbia SC Boudoir Black and White Intimate portrait

Columbia, South Carolina Boudoir Studio

When I first opened the JHuntbodies studio to serve folkx in Columbia, South Carolina through an inclusive and luxury boudoir experience, I reached out to a few of my close friends to invite them to be some of the first clients in the new studio.

Jessica Hunt Columbia, SC Boudoir Studio SpaceJessica Hunt Columbia, SC Boudoir Studio Space

My sweet friend Renée volunteered her time and beauty in front of my lens, and today I’m excited to share with you a bit about her, her story and her photographs from her time in the jhuntbodies Columbia South Carolina boudoir studio. Remember, you can always find us actively posting new work, promotions, and so much more at the Jhuntbodies Instagram account!

Columbia, SC Boudoir Studio Portrait

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Columbia, SC Boudoir Closet

I absolutely loved photographing Renée in the new space! She was up to try anything for her session. She also brought along a few really wonderful outfits, and utilized a few outfits that we also have within the boudoir closet!

Columbia, SC Boudoir Closet Lingerie

Columbia, SC Boudoir Closet

Quickly, before we jump into Renée’s words about her experience within the boudoir studio, I wanted to highlight our boudoir closet here in Columbia, South Carolina. The boudoir closet is a handpicked collection of Lingerie pieces from various size-inclusive companies to help clients who come into our studio for their South Carolina boudoir photography to utilize. We have a large collection of outfits for all of our clients to potentially use during their session with us. Our size range includes from small to 4X, and everywhere in between! 

Columbia, SC Boudoir Closet

Every single one of the clients who come into the studio has access to each and every one of these outfits if they would like to try them on or move forward with wearing them for their photographs!

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Renee’s Columbia, SC Boudoir Experience

Now, enough about our wonderful boudoir closet, and let’s jump into Renée’s Columbia South Carolina boudoir photos! While you browse her photographs you will see a bit of Renee’s feedback and words that she provided for us after her session. I hope you enjoy browsing her beautiful images and that you enjoy hearing her thoughts and feedback on her South Carolina boudoir photography experience with us at the J hunt bodies studio!

Columbia, SC Inclusive Boudoir Studio Experience Portraits

In Renee’s Own Words

Oh boy. You might want to grab a snack for this. I only recently realized it isn’t normal to remember how much you weighted in every grade of K-12. Growing up there was a hyper-fixation on my weight by adults in my life that curated a space for me to develop some very strange and often misaligned ideas about my body. The words from childhood bullies only reinforced those thoughts. This kind of “but you have such a pretty face” thinking continued into my early twenties.

Columbia, SC Boudoir Lingerie Portraits

I moved to SC after college and I will never forget the embarrassment and anger I felt when a guy said “girl you’re thick!”, I didn’t know he meant thicc. I didn’t even know thicc was a thing haha! He saw my face and explained it was a “compliment”. At some point while I was busy hating myself – big girls became sexy too – This was news to me, but I was very much HERE for it!

Columbia, SC Fun Boudoir Portrait with Book

Columbia, SC Boudoir Portrait in Blue Lingerie with a Book

Renee, YOU ARE Sexy As Hell

I entered a place where I still didn’t want to have attention drawn to myself, but I was more comfortable with the idea that I was beautiful – all of me, not just my face. I started to love my curves and the shape they made in the steam of the bathroom mirror. I started to allow myself to not just think but BELIEVE that I was sexy as hell. Some days the part I loved about my body would be as small as a single freckle, some days I really couldn’t think of anything but that was okay too. These are private conversations and I can give myself permission to try again tomorrow.

Columbia, SC Boudoir Studio Portraits with Sheet and Bed

Columbia, SC Boudoir Closet

Columbia, SC Boudoir Studio Portraits

My body, no matter how much space it is taking up, it is the vessel that carries my soul and my spirit – it deserves to be celebrated and loved.

Renee’s Self Love Boost

I still have what I call “low confidence days” but I’ve gotten better at either dealing with them or dismissing them as false thoughts – meaning I just ignore whatever nasty thing I just thought about myself and keep on moving. Other days I’ll spend some extra time and find that one freckle I love to boost my self love.

Columbia, SC Boudoir Studio Portrait


At one point in my life these photos would have been only taken at my peak of fitness where I could control every aspect of everything. I’m happy to say that that is not at all what this Columbia, SC boudoir shoot was and it made it SO MUCH BETTER.

Columbia, SC Boudoir Portraits

Photos Worth Celebrating

This was literally the best day ever! I love getting my hair and makeup done it makes me feel so fancy, but then also just getting to hang out with Jess and laugh while we did the shoot was so fun. My favorite part was probably when Jess would show me a couple frames she was excited about, it just made the whole thing so so fun. I felt so incredibly comfortable, confident, sexy, and overflowing with happiness. These photos are kind of a celebration of my ever evolving journey of self care and self love.

Columbia, SC Self Love Boudoir Portrait

Columbia, SC Boudoir Photography Experience

If you’re considering getting boudoir photos, there is part of you that wants to be celebrated in this way… take a deep breath and book the session. Booking with Jessica means you’ll have a safe space to celebrate yourself in whatever way you’re comfortable – it doesn’t have to be naked with a sheet covering your bits, it can be whatever makes YOU feel amazing!

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Columbia, SC Boudoir Portraits

Columbia, SC Boudoir Portraits

Columbia, SC Boudoir Portrait with Window Curtain



Hair & Makeup: Pretty and Pinned 

Location: Jessica Hunt Photography 





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