Oct 7, 2016

Farm at Ridgeway Engagement
Jamie & Bree

I’m so pumped to share Jamie & Bree’s Farm at Ridgeway engagement session with you all today. We met up a few weeks ago right before the sun set to spend some time celebrating their love and this special season of life. Bree’s sweet, quiet nature fits Jamie’s measured, calm demeanor perfectly. They even brought along their fur-baby, Katie, for a few shots together as a little family.

I am incredibly excited about photographing their wedding in a few weeks at The Farm at Ridgeway. I just know it’s going to beautiful among the trees and fields at The Farm, and I’m so happy with how their engagement session turned out. Bree had her hair and makeup professionally done for their shoot, and I’m still swooning over her long blonde locks, seriously!

Now enough of me going on and on, let’s just get to the pretty stuff, right? I hope you enjoy my favorite frames from this Farm at Ridgeway Engagement Session…

farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0141 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0142

These two make each other HAPPY. Just plain, ole, happy. I didn’t even have to ask for extra laughs or kisses, they just did it naturally!
farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0144 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0138

Ahh, this dreamy light, y’all!!!

farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0140 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0143 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0139

Watch out, internet, there’s a new Rapunzel in town…farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0137 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0145 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0147 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0151 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0150 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0152 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0146

I loved everything about Bree’s dress! Such a perfect color for her, but honestly, I’m just excited about seeing her in her gown on her wedding day!farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0148 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0149

WOORKK it, Jamie!!!

farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0153 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0156

Little change of outfit so Katie could join us for a few shots!

farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0136 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0133 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0134 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0135

Just look at her!! So happy, as if she knows to be so proud of mom and dad.farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0130 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0131 farm-at-ridgeway-engagement_0132

Happy Friday, friends!



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