Mar 13, 2019

Five Points Columbia SC Engagement Photos
Iris & Brian

Iris and Brian met a few years ago in one of Columbia‘s most popular social spots, Five Points. Today, I am excited to share with you their engagement portraits photographed in the same place they met. I hope you enjoy these beautiful Five Points Columbia SC engagement photos. They feature Iris and Brian together as a couple and even a few moments of the couple together with their Frenchie, Jenkins.

I truly hope you enjoy these Five Points Columbia SC engagement photos and that they prepare you for just how sweet Iris and Brian‘s wedding photos are guaranteed to be if this session is any indication of their connection! I absolutely cannot wait to join these two for their summer wedding day later this year.

Five Points Columbia SC Engagement Photos

Now onto the good stuff, Iris and Brian‘s Five Points Columbia SC engagement photos and a little bit more about them as a couple…

Keep reading to see their beautiful engagement portraits photographed in Columbia, South Carolina and read about how they met, fell in love, and their plans for the wedding!

May 19, 2011! It happened to be 5 Points after Five that day. I was there with my girlfriends, and Brian was there because his friend’s band was playing. I was with my best friend Meagan, and Meagan pointed Brian out from a distance and was like, “Hey, that guy looks like your type.”
I was intrigued and totally agreed with her; he was my type. Later that night we went to The Saloon, another 5 Points bar, and I saw him at the bar.
I walked right up to him and said “You should buy me a beer!”
Literally, the rest is history. I never thought I believed in fate, but there are some crazy coincidences between us. The fact that his brother is now dating my best friend,n and that, Justin Osborne, the lead singer of the band that was in 5 Points the day we met, has May 19th tattooed on his arm.

We were on a family vacation at Litchfield Beach, SC. My family goes there frequently throughout the year.
We had just finished watching the USC vs Missouri game. It was a very good and super close game! After the game, we decided to take a walk on the beach.
Naturally, I’m taking selfies of us. Once I’m done taking pictures he turns to me and says ,“That’s gonna be the last selfie we take as a non-engaged couple.”
I was so shocked and my jaw dropped! He then got down on one knee and popped the question!
Obviously, I said yes!

Iris: “I love how we have so many things in common. I love how kind he is anyone who crosses his path. I love how I finally met someone who likes rap AND country music, ha. I love his sense of humor! He makes me laugh every day. Last but not least, he is the handsomest man I know!”
Brian: “I love how pretty she is, but she doesn’t even know it. She is kind, but she WILL stand up for for what she believes in. She can be weird and quirky. I’m not always sure what is going to come out of her mouth, but it makes every day exciting. Can’t wait to marry her!”

We love all of the following: good food and eating it together wine, spending time with our dog, (Jenkins) and cat (Snugz), Gamecock football, Braves baseball, exploring Soda City, and  more obsessing over our dog and cat.

When we were first getting to know each other, we went to Pizza Joint almost every Thursday. One Thursday night, I didn’t feel well. I ended up going to the bathroom A LOT. He still came over to my house, brought me soup, and took care of me that night. He ended up getting the same stomach bug, too. There is no one else we would rather have bathroom problems with, lol.

Five Points Columbia SC Engagement Photos

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Iris and Brian’s Five Points Columbia SC engagement photos recently photographed in Columbia, South Carolina. This couple is so sweet, and I absolutely love that they chose to bring their sweet Frenchie, Jenkins, along for some photos. I absolutely cannot wait for their South Carolina wedding day!

Did you love these Five Points Columbia SC engagement photos? Let me and the couple know just how much you love their portraits in the comments below!



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