Aug 30, 2018

Print & Online Publications Featuring Your Wedding Images
Why You Should Care & How You do It

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding day, right now? You’re probably scrolling through pages and pages of beautiful wedding images searching for inspiration for your own decor or day. Maybe you’re visiting your favorite wedding blog online or buying a few wedding magazines to browse. Ever wonder how all of those gorgeous photos found their way to your screen or in that magazine?  Today, my good friend Camille from Two Bright Lights is here to chat with you about print and online publications featuring your wedding images!

Print & Online Publications Featuring Your Wedding Images

I’ve noticed that there’s quite a lot of information out there for photographers and wedding industry professionals about how to get images published and the benefits of that, but today I wanted to highlight a bit of information on this topic from one of the publishing experts in the industry that was geared towards couples planning their wedding!  Why you, as a couple planning to get married, should want to see your wedding images published online or in print. I hope you enjoy hearing a little bit about Camille, what she does at Two Bright Lights and her top tips for see print and online publications featuring your wedding images for years to come!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

I do all things Marketing & Social Media at Two Bright Lights and every day is something different! I previously worked at a PR Firm in their digital group executing everything from content strategy, digital campaigns, influencer activations and more for an array of clients. If it happened on social media, I pretty much had my hand in it! I am pretty obsessed with the ever-changing world of social media and digital marketing, so I am very much at home at Two Bright Lights.

What is getting published? What does that even mean for couples planning their weddings?

Getting published through the lens of Two Bright Lights is simply making it as easy as possible for our submitters to get their creative work out there. Whether you are a photographer, wedding planner, vendor or another type of creative, we want your work to be celebrated and put in front of the people who will care about it most. Oftentimes getting published isn’t on the couple’s radar when planning their wedding. This is why it is so important for the creatives helping with the wedding to be educated on getting published and know how to communicate that to the couple.

Why would a couple want to have their wedding published?

Let’s look at this from both the couple and the creatives helping with the wedding. A couple would want their wedding published for a number of reasons. If they put so much hard work into finding the right details, from the florist to the cater, this is a great way to highlight the details and to act as a source of inspiration for other couples. Or getting published can be a special moment for the couple to look back on and celebrate with their family or can become an anniversary tradition to reflect on. (Plus, it’s pretty exciting from them to share on social media!).

When looking at this from the creative’s side, they would love to get a wedding published so that they can highlight the hard work their business put into the day. Couples often look to publications for a source of inspiration when planning their wedding day, which can then lead to new clients coming your way after seeing your work in a feature.

What are a few easy steps couples can take in helping their wedding vendors get their wedding photos published?

-Give the photographer time to photograph the ceremony and reception space before guests arrive. This will make for some beautiful detail shots that will be perfect for publication.
-Introduce your vendors to whoever is planning on submitting the wedding. For example, if the photographer plans to submit, ensure they have the information about all of the vendors that worked on the event so that they may include them in their submission.
-After the event, offer a recap to whoever plans on submitting. They will love to have your perspective to go off of when writing a compelling album story for their submission.

If there is only piece of advice you could give couples preparing for their wedding day, what would it be?

The most compelling weddings for publication are the ones that are unique to the couples themselves. If you want to have gold dinosaurs as part of your table decor at the reception–great! This is a special element of your wedding and says something meaningful about you as a couple. Make sure the photographer highlights these types of details and tell them why you chose it.

What is your favorite part about what you do/your business?

I love working for Two Bright Lights because I get to see how we directly help creatives every day. Most recently, I found a photographer on Instagram who works in Brooklyn (where I currently live!) and I checked to see if they were a part of Two Bright Lights. They weren’t, so I direct messaged them and started a conversation about getting published. I truly felt that their work deserved to be published, so we set up a call, talked through the site and they immediately joined. Since then they have been published by a few major wedding publications. That in itself is so rewarding, and to think it all started on Instagram!

Print & Online Publications Featuring Your Wedding Images




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