Oct 12, 2021

Pin Up Boudoir Photography In Columbia, South Carolina Today I’d like to share with you some boudoir photos that made me absolutely excited to shoot! Recently I was able to capture some pin up boudoir photography in Columbia, South Carolina at my JHP studio. It was so perfect and fun and very refreshing to be […]

Oct 4, 2021

Self Love Boudoir Photography in Columbia, South Carolina Today I’d love to share with you all a very touching self-love journey with Kelsey. She stepped into my Jessica Hunt Photography studio recently for self love boudoir photography in Columbia, South Carolina and I cannot wait to share her experience and stunning images. Her experience with […]

Sep 30, 2021

Boudoir Photography In South Carolina When I opened my Jessica Hunt Photography boudoir studio in Columbia, South Carolina, I knew that I wanted to be inclusive to every story and body that stepped in front of my lens. The amount of things I’ve learned from people about their relationship with their body that have stepped […]

Sep 22, 2021

Creative Outdoor Boudoir Session in Columbia, South Carolina I’m super excited to share this creative outdoor boudoir session in Columbia, South Carolina with all of you! It’s always so fun to get away from the indoor JHP boudoir studio and step out somewhere that may be out of anyone else’s comfort zone. Back in the […]

Sep 7, 2021

Boudoir Photos In Columbia, South Carolina Today, I want to share Heather’s boudoir photos and words with you all. Her boudoir photos in Columbia, South Carolina were not only stunning, but full of colorful props and fancy lingerie. She was magical and brought my studio to life! Being a boudoir photographer feels incredibly fulfilling – […]

Sep 2, 2021

Self-Love Boudoir Photos In Columbia, South Carolina Being a boudoir photographer in Columbia, South Carolina is more than just a gift to your partner. Boudoir photos can be 100% about your self-love journey and be a total gift to yourself. Today’s blog is about the self-love journey that Dani has taken after giving birth to […]

Aug 17, 2021

Columbia, South Carolina Boudoir Photos As a Columbia, South Carolina boudoir photographer, I always get really excited when my clients are willing and open to me sharing their intimate photographs from our time together in the boudoir studio and their thoughts on their experience with me in my team. Today I’m really excited to share […]

Jul 8, 2021

Props for Boudoir Photos Incorporating props into your Columbia, SC boudoir session can be a really fun way to highlight your personality, who you are, or something that you love in your intimate photographs. Today, I’m going to chat with you a bit more about the type of props for boudoir photos that I would […]

Jul 2, 2021

How to Prepare for Your Columbia SC Boudoir Session So, you just booked a Columbia, South Carolina boudoir session with us here at Jessica Hunt Photography, and now you’re ready to prepare for your experience! Don’t worry, just like with everything else within our Columbia, SC boudoir experience, we got you! Today I’m going to […]

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