May 7, 2018

Columbia SC Engagement Photos
Aldric and Chloe

Today I am so excited to be sharing with you a few of my favorite Columbia SC engagement Photos from Chloe and Aldric’s recent engagement session! These two are the sweetest of couples and love each other SO freely! Our session was SUCH a blast as we explored Columbia’s Main Street and the Statehouse grounds.

Chloe and I actually went to elementary, middle, a little bit of high school, AND college together, so when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was OVERJOYED!! It’s always a special feeling when one of your friends chooses you to be their tog! So after knowing Chloe for so long, I was oh-so-curious as to what kind of guy Aldric was to be able to capture her heart. Let me tell you, he did NOT disappoint! HA!

Aldric has the most fun personality; his energy compliments Chloe’s quite, soft nature perfectly. Watching them interact and love on each other for the first time made me feel all of those warm fuzzy feelings you feel when watching a sappy romance movie on Lifetime. Seriously, y’all. These two are CUTE together!

Columbia SC Engagement Photos

I hope you enjoy browsing through my favorite Columbia SC engagement photos featuring my 2019 couple, Chloe and Aldric! Be sure to scroll down to read about how Aldric proposed to Chloe, when they both fell in love with the other, and to see a few silly faces from our couple!!

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The Proposal

The proposal story from Aldric, “I am an artist. So I told her a month in advance that we would be going to the Columbia Museum of Art for an art auction to sell one of my pieces. I told Chloe that we would be in front of some very important people and that she should get her hair and nails done for the event. I had my friends and family set up around the museum hidden from sight.

Of course, I had to stall a little, so I made a couple of wrong turns and even stopped for some pictures. Seeing as she was getting annoyed that we were already late to this big event I had told her about, we finally headed towards the museum. When we got there, we almost got to the front door, and I turned around and said, “I’m sorry but I lied.” She caught an attitude very quickly, but when our friends and family started to walk out from their hiding places she realized what was happening! Tears, smiles, joy … boom, I’m the man. Drops mic walks off !”
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We took a moment to walk past the Columbia Museum of Art and the spot where Aldric proposed to Chloe a few months earlier for a few photos during their engagement session. photographers columbia sc photographers in columbia sc photographers in columbia sc

The Moment He fell in love:

“It was a dark and star-filled night; the city Charleston, SC. The moon was peeking through the trees, and it was time for her to drive back to Columbia. As I kissed her goodbye and feeling that I had never felt before came overcame me. Even though I knew I would see her in a few days, I started to cry as she pulled off. I knew then I was in love, and I never wanted to say goodbye again. “

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One of my favorite things about this couple: they never stop laughing around each other. It’s infectious! photographer in columbia sc wedding photographers columbia sc

The Moment She Fell in love:

“I was smitten with Aldric from the very beginning, but I would have to say the same thing about being IN love with him as he did. Aldric moved to Charleston a couple months after we met for a job. It was hard to see each other, but we both made the effort each weekend, or every other, to travel one way. Every time leaving became harder and harder. I would ball my eyes out driving back to Columbia. It was during that time I realized I wanted him to be in my life forever. ”
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-Marrying my best friend
-Celebrating with family and friends
-Kissing my wife/husband for the first time

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Wheeeewwwwiee boi! That RING though!
affordable wedding venues in columbia sc Jessica Hunt Facebook columbia south carolina wedding venues venues in columbia sc wedding planners columbia sc wedding photography in columbia scThese two just have SO much fun together; I cannot wait to see them laugh and giggle their way through their wedding day.
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And I’ll end the post with my favorite shot from their session… These laughs say it all!!the knot photographer

I hope you enjoyed this look into Chloe and Aldric’s Columbia SC engagement photos, and I cannot wait to be sharing their wedding photos next year!!!






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