Aug 8, 2016

Downtown Charlotte Engagement
Rashan & Quanda : North Carolina Wedding Photographer


Hello world, welcome to yet another Monday! I’ve got something beautiful and romantic for you today to make this week start off the right way. I’d love for you to meet Rashan and Quanda. Two successful adults who fell in love and are blending their families later next year in, get this, JAMAICA!!

While their wedding maybe be a destination wedding, they wanted to make sure to celebrate their engagement in THEIR new city, Charlotte. They just bought a home in the area, and we had a great time celebrating their love in Midtown Park one morning last month. I’m so excited to share this session with you, because, honestly, it’s one of my favorite engagement sessions to date.

Quanda took my advice to heart and got her makeup and hair professionally done. Key Street Beauty did an amazing job making sure Quanda looked flawless throughout the session, and I was SO excited when both Rashan and Quanda both showed up dressed to the NINES. I mean, what else could I ask for other than a sharp suite and a stunning gown?

I hope you enjoy my favorite frames from this Downtown Charlotte engagement session!

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-2 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-5 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-54 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-57

These two laugh together so easily… It’s easy to see they are meant to be.

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-59 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-10 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-19 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-12

They look amazing, am I right or AM I RIGHT?

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-11 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-15

Oh, Quanda, you’re so beautiful.

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-23 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-20 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-31 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-21 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-17 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-69 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-72 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-73 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-74 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-78 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-97 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-99 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-106

Rashan, you were KILLING it, bro.

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-110 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-85

Just HAD to make sure I made time to photograph this gorgeous ring while they changed into their next outfit…

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-115 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-117

And of course, their next outfit was just as awesome!

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-120 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-127 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-130

Slay, girl, SLAYYY.

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-122 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-125

Honestly aren’t they the most attractive couple, like ever???

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-134 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-138 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-140 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-142

R EditRequest_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-1

Favorite ALERT:

R EditRequest_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-3 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-150 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-147 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-152 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-158 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-160 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-167 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-170 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-174 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-172 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-180 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-181 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-186

And  for the last few moments, they changed into a more every-day outfit to show off a little personality. Oh and did I mention matching Jordans too? Honestly, this couple is just that awesome!!

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-187 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-189 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-191 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-193 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-198

AYE, girl, yo momma let you date?

Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-194 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-195 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-201 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-202 Pittman-Engagement_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-209

Happy Monday, friends!



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  1. Seneca Singleton

    August 8th, 2016 at 8:48 pm

    Those photos were beautiful!

  2. Ayana

    August 8th, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    You two make a beautiful couple!!

  3. Denedra Brown

    August 10th, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    I am so in love with these two… Rashan makes her so happy and he’s so in love with her… I love them together!! They deserve each other and I’m so proud of who they have become together… I love you guys I’m so exited you you all… And of course I’m in tears …

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