Aug 21, 2016

Ranger Danger- 8 months!
Professional Photographer in Columbia

So a few months ago, a little black lab-basset hound puppy wandered his way into my parents’ yard. My dad sent me a text and ONE picture, and I fell in love. I was going through a REALLY hard time right around this time, and Ranger showed up at just the right time.

Now that he and I have been best friends for almost 6 months (he found me at the end of February), I’ve learned a lot about his little personality. I wanted to share some of his funnier quirks with you and a few updated shots of him in my new backyard.

~ First, off, he’s lazy, to an extreme, and it’s hilarious. Examples include, laying down to eat or drink, refusing to jump up onto or off the bed when he doesn’t feel like it, and actually will hide in my pillows in the morning instead of getting out of bed when I do.

~ His favorite type of toys are the fluffy ones that also squeak. He likes to play fetch, but not with tennis balls, only fluffy-squeaky toys.

~ Ranger is a PRO at all of his commands, but we are still working on him not jumping up to meet people. He’s just so short, so getting up to a humans face to give kisses is a long way up, ha!

~ He’s gotten so good at giving me the side eye, it’s honestly comical. His command to go into his crate is “go to you room”, and EVERY time I give the command, he just THROWS the shade. But, of course, he listens right away. He know who the boss is!!!

~ His first visit to the vet was successful, and everyone loved him! He weighs 45 pounds and isn’t even two feet tall. LOL. I love him, but it’s honestly so funny. He definitely has those basset hound legs, y’all.

Now, enough of me going on and on about how much I love my dog, here’s some cute pictures for you to enjoy! A great thing about being a professional photographer in Columbia is being able to take great pictures of my baby any time I want!!


 Example above of the SHADE he can throw in ONE look!!!

Ranger-August_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-3 Ranger-August_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-4

Favorite picture of Ranger to date. I love my little nugget.


Ranger-August_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-9 Ranger-August_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-10 Ranger-August_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-12

“Mom, can we be done with these pictures now??”

Ranger-August_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-16 Ranger-August_Jessica-Hunt-Photography_2016-17

And one super cute shot so you can see how short he is… LOLOLOL. I love it, but isn’t he just the cutest EVER!?




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