Feb 27, 2023

How to Book Your Boudoir Session
How it Works

How to book your boudoir session featuring model posing in black and white

How to Book Your Boudoir Session

You deserve this. An empowering, healing, and rewarding experience you’ll never forget. Your Columbia, South Carolina boudoir experience. I’m going to walk you through every step of this experience from selecting your intimate outfits, offering professional beauty services, helping you pose during your boudoir session, and answering any questions you may have! This boudoir experience is crafted to leave you feeling like an elevated version of yourself so that you walk out the studio with a greater relationship with your body. After all, the relationship you have with your body is one of the most important relationships you can have in this world! Here’s how to book your boudoir session!

Steps to take when you book your boudoir session in Columbia, SClgbtq+ boudoir model posing on bed in Columbia, SC boudoir photography in Columbia, SC

How It Works

This luxury boudoir experience is an investment in you. An opportunity to honor who you are right now! This is how it works:

boudoir studio in Columbia, SC

Step 1: Booking

With a nice chat over the phone, we get to know each other and chat about your visions and all the details. On that phone call, we schedule your selected session date, process your chosen collection’s invoice and begin your selected payment plan. I’ll secure your professional beauty services with your session fee and save your date on our studio’s calendar.

boudoir closet at boudoir studio in Columbia, SC

Step 2: The Day Of Your Shoot

You’ll take your first step into the private boudoir studio in Columbia, SC for beauty services and pampering! Then we’ll spend about 1 to 1.5 hours shooting together with as many outfit changes as you desire! I recommend 3.

During your session, I make sure to create a safe, comfortable environment that helps you feel empowered, validated, and seen. With access to our boudoir closet during your session, you’ll have options for the perfect intimate attire for your photos, and I’ll make it feel just like hanging out with your best friend while we work together!

How to book your boudoir session in Columbia, SC featuring model posing in black lingerie

Step 3: Reveal & Order

3 weeks after your shoot, we will schedule a virtual reveal of your photos. You’ll choose your favorite photos for your collection’s printed images and have the opportunity to order additional products. We offer beautiful prints of your images, a little black book for your partner, or a glass print box for yourself. From there, I’ll order your products and have them shipped straight to you. You can expect your collection’s printed products ready for you 5 weeks after your session, so plan accordingly for your special event or upcoming wedding date to ensure your products are ready for you to celebrate with or gift.

Book Your Boudoir Session

 Couples boudoir photography in Columbia, SC Inclusive male boudoir photography in Columbia, SC Boudoir photography in Columbia, SC

How to Book Your Boudoir Session

We cannot wait to give you this experience you deserve in the boudoir studio. Every bit of you and your story are welcome here to spark your deeper sense of self and empowerment! You’ve been wanting to feel at home in your own skin and honor the vessel that walks you through this world and I’m here to create photographs that reflect your true beauty back to you.



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