Aug 1, 2018

Is a Destination Wedding Right for Us?
Guest Blogger: Emily Krings

So, here you are. The question has been popped and answered with an eager yes. The day you
marry the love of your life will soon arrive. You and your fiancé have a lot of deciding to do. Of
course, there are some no brainers in wedding planning. You will want a delicious cake,
beautiful venue, great music and even greater company. Dresses and tuxedos will be chosen and
sized. The first dance song and wedding party will be selected. There is one option that is
becoming more and more popular that a newly engaged couple must consider: is a destination
wedding right for us?

What is a destination wedding?

If you are not familiar with the concept of a destination wedding, it is exactly how it sounds: a
wedding at a selected destination that’s not in or around your hometown. This is common among
celebrities who plan top-secret weddings in secret places in an attempt for some privacy from the
paparazzi on their big day, but it is becoming more and more popular among common people
like you and me. There are many reasons that couples choose a special destination to say their “I
dos” and there are many aspects to consider when making this decision.

Why should I choose a destination wedding?

With the world becoming smaller and more traveled, people often meet their soulmates in a place
that is not home. When marriage bells start ringing, having separate hometowns may be an issue.
His family may reside in one town and hers in another, meaning at least one family must travel
to the wherever the couple is situated. If there is a destination wedding, nobody’s family feels
that they are being left out because everybody must travel. In situations where neither half of the
couple lives near his or her family, both families are required to travel so they might as well
travel somewhere exciting.

Another reason to choose a destination wedding is the intimacy. Traveling is such an amazing
bonding experience and traveling to a faraway destination is a great way to keep your guestlist
small. It gives a chance for both families to take a trip together and truly get to know one
another. Also, with a destination comes less guilt for leaving some “on the fence” people off
your guest list and you can rest assured that only the people who are dearest to you will be by
your side.

What should I consider when planning my destination wedding?

Depending on how far you go for your wedding, cross country or overseas, you may only be able
to visit your venue in the days leading up to the ceremony. You will not be able to try your food
or cake ahead of time. For some perfectionists, this may be very stressful. If you have your dress
shipped, your fittings are limited as the date nears. There is a lot of room for error, but a couple
that is down for some spontaneity and can roll with the punches would thrive in this situation.
Budget is another major factor to consider. Depending on your tastes, a destination may turn out
to be cheaper than a wedding at home. As previously mentioned, your guest list will be quite
condensed, and guests will likely pay for their own travel arrangements. If you plan on taking
your honeymoon around your destination, you will already be paying for the airfare. On the
flipside, if you planned on having a small wedding to begin with, a destination wedding may be
much more expensive. This will vary from case to case, but budget is very important to consider.

My Dream Destination

Since travel inspiration accounts have been popularized on social media a few years ago, I have
been in love with the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The first time I saw a photo of this lovely coastline, I
vowed that I would be married there. This past summer, I was lucky enough to visit Sorrento. On
this trip, we took a boat down around Capri and up the coast to Positano. It was surreal. The
photos and videos that I had seen online did this beautiful peninsula no justice. Quite honestly,
almost every little town I visited in Italy was suitable for a wedding. I have never been to a place
as beautiful as Italy, so for now it is the top of my list.

Where is your dream wedding destination? Luckily, Jessica travels so you can have the greatest
photographer in the area, no matter where you go!

Emily Krings is a Fort Lauderdale based freelance copywriter, content writer and blogger. She is the proud owner of Quill to Keys, a company to provides written content to businesses and blogs of many sorts. Her passion for writing has been burning since she was a child, but in recent years, the fire was fueled by her experiences volunteering in the Dominican Republic. She started her blog,, to share the stories of those without a voice on that small island. She continues to blog about personal experiences, travel, ethics/philosophy, personal finance and more! For all written content needs, feel free to contact her at



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