Dec 23, 2018

Your Wedding Day Experience
With Jessica Hunt Photography

My goal as your wedding photographer is to create beautiful images that represents a genuine portrait of who you are and how you love while ensuring your day and wedding photography experience flow flawlessly and smoothly as possible. I want nothing more for my clients than for them to enjoy their wedding photography experience with me, into receive a gallery that they love and feels represents them, and to enjoy their wedding day as to flows flawlessly around them. That is my only priority as a wedding photographer within The JHP Wedding Experience for each of my couples that I serve throughout their experience. Nothing else matters to me when I walk into a wedding photography experience with a new couple!

The JHP Wedding Experience

Today, I wanted to chat with you a little bit about the wedding experience I’ve crafted for my couples and explain a bit more in detail in how I always ensure the goal I mentioned above is met.

Throughout this process I work hard to get to know my couple in a personal way so I can create images that truly reflect who they are and how they love. Being a wedding photographer is my passion and photographing a couple’s special moments makes my soul sing, so I’ve applied that passion to the JHP Wedding Experience. I’d like to tell you a little bit about that today…

 The first step is preparation…

 I truly believe that walking in to a situation without a plan is planning to fail. I have to applied this priority of preparation to my wedding experience to help my couples prepare for their wedding day. The JHP Wedding Experience achieves this through two methods…  I have written and designed an exclusive client lounge that walks my JHP couples through their wedding photography experience with me. Everything from suggestions on what to wear to their engagement session and how to pick the location of their portraits, to example timelines for their wedding day. This exclusive client lounge covers absolutely everything that they need to know when planning out their wedding photography!

An Exclusive Client Lounge

This lounge also includes a list of premier wedding vendors local to South Carolina to help my couples in their planning process. If my groom is unsure who to hire to tailor his tux, he can easily head over to the client lounge and find 4 to 5 suggestions of local vendors to do just that for him! If my couple is unsure of who to hire for their florals, a quick visit to the JHP client lounge will provide them with a list of names of recommended florists they can call for quotes that day.

The Four Comprehensive Questionnaires

 The second part of the preparation process of The JHP Wedding Experience is that my couples receive four comprehensive questionnaires throughout their experience with me to ensure that I get to know them, their relationship, and their day in an intimate way. The questionnaires cover questions about how they are love, how they met, the proposal, and much more to ensure I can get to know their relationship in a more intimate way. When I know what makes my couples’ relationships tick, I can photograph them in a way that makes those unique things about their relationship shine through and result in genuine images.

Questions about their wedding day from vendors to themes and colors are also covered in their questionnaires to ensure I walk onto the day with the theme of their day in mind. These questionnaires cover requested photos on the day of the wedding, the family portrait requests, and everything in between to ensure me and my team do not miss one important shot on the wedding day!

Now to the wedding day…

My goal for me and my team is to ensure the couple has a flawless and enjoyable wedding day. I want my couples to be able to enjoy their day, be present in their memories, and actually look back on the day with fondness. I ensure that my couples are able to do this is by, first, providing an assistant for each of my couples on their wedding day, and, second, by building a customized timeline with my couple prior to their day for their wedding photography. This timeline is to ensure that not only myself and my team, but also the couple, the wedding party, the couple’s families, and the vendor team are all on the same time schedule and plan.

The Wedding Day Assistant

 I bring along an assistant on the wedding day to ensure that myself and couple have that extra pair of hands whenever we may need during the day. The ultimate goal is for my couple to be able to be stress free and present in their memories on their wedding day. Having a day-of assistant keeps the people most important to the couple from having to do these small tasks on the wedding day! You wouldn’t want your best man of searching the reception for five, ten or even, fifteen minutes for a family member for a formal portrait when they could be by the couple’s side, enjoying their wedding day with them! My assistant is there to do that; from running to grab Uncle Bob at the reception because we need him for a family portrait, to helping place the bouts on the groomsman, they are there on the day of the wedding to ensure that these small things that come up during the wedding day do not fall to the responsibility of the couple, their family, or wedding party attendants.

 Customized Wedding Day Timeline

With each of my couples we work together to build a customized time line for their wedding photography that covers from the moment I arrive on their wedding day to the moment that my team leaves. Within the clients’ questionnaires in the preparation stage of The JHP Wedding Experience, are questions about which photos are most important to the couple, and with that in mind I work to build out a plan moment by moment for their day and their wedding photos. Once we agree on the wedding photography timeline that both allows both me and my team enough time to adequately capture what the couple has requested, but also enough time to ensure my couple is able to enjoy their day, we send that plan out to every person on the wedding day who may need it. From wedding party attendants to family members to fellow vendors! This ensures that every person intimately involved in the couple’s wedding day is aware of their photography plan, and we all walk onto the wedding day with the same plan for success for the couple and their photos.

The final step is delivery of the gallery!

Delivering comprehensive gallery for my couple to enjoy six to eight weeks after their wedding day is the final step of The JHP Wedding Experience! This gallery reflects the story of their wedding day from start to finish in an organized, online cloud format that they can easily access from any device, anywhere in the world! My goal for my wedding galleries is always to deliver a collection of images for my couple that not only comprehensively tells the story of their wedding day, but also reflects the true and genuine amount of joy, love, and emotion the couple felt on that day.

All of my galleries are online and backed up for years to ensure that my couples never have to fear losing their memories by simply misplacing one little USB! My couples are able to share their memories and images as much as they desire.  The final gallery I deliver to my clients can be shared with friends and family, used to order professionally printed prints straight to my couples’ home, and allows my couple to download both web-size and high-resolution files of their wedding images whenever they may have need of them. My favorite part of the wedding experience, aside from the wedding day, is gallery delivery day because I have the extreme honor of being able to deliver a gallery of gorgeous final images for my couple to enjoy for years and years to come!

Being a wedding photographer is such a gift, and I fall more in love with it every single wedding that I photograph.

 My goal is to connect with passionately in-love couples anywhere and everywhere and create beautiful, genuine portraits of them and their love stories. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into The JHP Wedding Experience that I have crafted from my eight years of experience as a wedding photographer!

If you’re a couple looking for your wedding photographer and you’ve read something you love today, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to chat about your wedding day!

The JHP Wedding Experience

Thank you again to Palmetto State Weddings for their write up on The JHP Wedding Experience; you can find a promo code off your wedding experience package with me on their blog post!





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