Jan 4, 2019

Praia Do Amor Anniversary Photos
Helio & Michaela

Today I am so excited to share with you Helio and Michaela‘s Praia Do Amor anniversary photos photographed on the beaches Praia do Amor and Praia do Madeiro in Pipa, Brazil. I am SO excited to show off this couple and tell you more about how me photographing a couple for their anniversary portraits in Pipa, Brazil came to be!

Praia Do Amor anniversary photos

These two love so easily. Their connection is undeniable, and I felt so inspired while photographing them. We decided to photograph their anniversary portraits on two beaches near their home because both Helio and Michaela have a love and affinity for the ocean.

A Beachy Vibe

They met while both working in the Bahamas and have built a stunning life together in Helio’s home country of Brazil.

I love that they wanted to include their surfboards and a bit more of a beachy-casual vibe for their anniversary portraits instead of dressing it up! It fits them and their energy way better than a fancy dress and suit, and I love that.

How these Photos Came to Be

I met Michaela via the Internet almost three years ago, and after a 15 minute consult via Skype, I decided to hire her to rebrand my business and design a full new website and blog. You see, Michaela is an incredibly talented artist, graphic designer and business owner. She owns and operates BeachSide Studio, a design studio that caters to creatives and helps create high-performing, compelling websites for course creators, coaches, and photographers with big vision. After working together for a few months, we launched the current site, brand, and blog you see today! That was back in 2016.

Traveling to Brazil

After working together on my brand and website, Michaela and I quickly realized how easily we got along and continued to stay in touch. After hiring her for a few other projects, we soon began chatting almost monthly via Skype to keep up with one another’s lives and businesses.

In January 2018, Michaela floated the idea of me coming to visit her in her little beach town on the Eastern coast of Brazil to photograph a few branding sessions for her business, this anniversary session I’m showing to you today, and photos of her and her father‘s new rentable vacation home in Pipa, Brazil. Obviously, I lept at the idea!

One thing led to another and in July 2018, I booked my flights to spend 12 days in Pipa with Michaela and her husband. I’m going to recap my trip on another post and show off photos from it there, but today I just had to show off my favorite frames from Michaela and Helio’s sunrise anniversary session.

Sunrise Anniversary Session

I’m so proud of these photos for many reasons; the number one reason being that this was my first time traveling internationally to create work for a client. I won’t lie to you, I was nervous! Which is kind of funny to say, because I don’t often get nervous with about photographing weddings or sessions much anymore!

I was nervous because this session felt like it had a bit more pressure on top of it. What if I bombed these portraits after Michaela and Helio had invested in my travel and trip to Brazil? What if they hated these photos and totally regretted their decision on having me come? What if I did a terrible job and I hated the photos?

These are all thoughts that ran through my brain the days leading up to the session, and I’m so proud to tell you that none of those things happened. These photos are beautiful and so full of love, and Michaela and Elio have assured me that they love them.

I’m proud of these photos not only because I love the work I created, but also because I prove to myself that I can in fact travel internationally and still show up behind the camera. I can be 100% out of my comfort zone, working in new light that is different to what I’m used to in a totally new country, and still show up and show out.

International Photographer

When I officially started my business in January 2015, I started quietly floating the idea to friends and peers I wanted to be an international photographer one day. Many of those people, some even family members, told me that seemed a little ridiculous. Those words at the time hurt, but now here in 2019 and officially being an international photographer, I’m glad I heard them. They helped me reel in my expectations for this dream and pushed me to continue to pursue it. I still feel as though my experience in Brazil was totally unreal and just can’t be my reality. Like, somebody pinch me?

Praia do Amor & Praia do Maderio

We started Helio and Michaela‘s Praia Do Amor anniversary photos at Praia do Amor and traveled a short drive to Praia do Madeiro. Though I feel in love with both beaches, I’m partial to Praia do Amor over Praia do Madeiro! I loved how a bit more open it is for photos, though Michaela told me Praia do Madeiro is a better beach to surf on in case you’re wondering!

I am so thankful, so so so thankful, for Helio and Michaela‘s trust in me, my work, and my talents. I genuinely cannot fathom the reality of a couple loving me and my work this much. Like I said, it still doesn’t feel real.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite frames from Helio and Michaela’s Praia Do Amor anniversary photos photographed on the beaches Praia do Amor and Praia do Madeiro in Pipa, Brazil! These photos will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am finishing writing this blog post with humbled and thankful tears in my eyes, because it truly doesn’t even feel real to achieve the dream that I’ve dreamed for years. I am officially an international photographer!! Eeee!!

Praia Do Amor anniversary photos

To Helio and Michaela, I think I told you multiple times, but I’ll say it again, I will never be able to say thank you enough to you to for trusting in me and my camera this year. Photographing these anniversary portraits for you two will be something that I never forget and will be a highlight of my career until the end of time. I truly cannot wait to see you both in person again and photograph you together again! Thank you for making my trip to your sweet little beach town truly so enjoyable, comfortable, and incredible. I’m thankful, not only for this opportunity, but also for your friendship. I have learned so much from both of you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You truly have allowed me to live my dream.



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