May 25, 2018

The Lace House Wedding Photos
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Ceremony

 On a beautiful spring day earlier this year, Molly and Cole joined their lives together forever in a beautiful Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, and I am so eager to share these stunning Lace House wedding photos with you today!

Molly and Cole are such a special couple; one who loves easily and intimately. You may remember them from their engagement session in Charleston, South Carolina from earlier this year!

The Wedding Details

The wedding had a romantic inspiration with an enchanted and whimsical vibe with blush and mint tones, lots of greenery, and gold decor with geometric accents, lanterns and candles on the tables. The bride’s sister designed a beautiful tapestry with neutral colors like white, gold, and tan to hang on one of the fireplaces. The guest book was so unique; a watercolor Sequoia Tree painting that guests could sign! The bride loves making natural Soy Candles with essential oils so she made those, along with Koufeta (Greek Almonds), as wedding favors.

They held a traditional Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony, which is an ancient rite full of profound symbolism and meaning.  Father Michael, their priest, along with the Koumbara  (the maid of honor and Bride’s sister) led them through the ceremony, and honestly, it was SO incredibly beautiful. Wait till you see the gorgeousness that is Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia, South Carolina, Y’all! Seriously might be one of the most beautiful churches I have ever had the pleasure of photographing!!

Molly and Cole’s Personal Touch

By Design created beautiful florals for the church and the reception at the Lace House in Columbia, South Carolina. The florals had a romantic inspiration with white, cream, and blush colors and heavy foliage such as magnolia leaves, Italian cuscus, and various eucalyptus. The bouquets were hand-tied in lace, flowing, and loose style with white, pink and blush tones!

The couple personalized their Lace House wedding day with handmade, natural soy candles along with the Koufeta (Greek Almonds) as wedding favors. The bride’s longtime friend and guitar teacher, Drew Medlin and his band performed at the reception! One of the best parts of the wedding day were the toasts at the Lace House reception. The Bride’s father’s toast was so sweet and unforgettable, and her sister sang one of the couple’s favorite Avett Brothers songs too!

All-in-all, Molly and Cole’s Lace House wedding day was flawless in every sense of the word! From the bride and groom to the gorgeous Greek wedding ceremony, these Lace House wedding photos might just be some of my favorites, ever!

I hope you enjoy my favorite photos from this pretty South Carolina Lace House wedding, and if you do, be sure to leave a comment of ‘congratulations’ for the couple in the comments below!

The Lace House Lace House The Lace House Wedding

Right after I took this shot, I said to myself, “ooh, girl you’re ON it today!!” Ha!
Columbia SC Wedding Photographer Columbia Wedding Photographer Jessica Hunt Photography The lace house columbia sc Lace House wedding photographer lace house columbia sc wedding at the lace house

Molly prepared for their wedding ceremony with her mother, sister, and closest friends. governers mansion columbia sc South Carolina Wedding Photographer SC Weddings Jessica Hunt Photographer SC governer's mansion Marriage in south carolina

While Cole and his guys prepared with a few toasts and a good laugh or two!
Lace House Wedding Reception photographer lace house wedding governers mansion sc wedding photographer outdoor wedding venues south carolina best wedding venues in sc

Oh, Molly, you know I could photograph your cute self any day of the week, girl!!!! wedding in south carolina Lace House Wedding Pictures

The Lace House SC Reception Lace House Garden Wedding

The various private gardens and locations hidden throughout The Lace House’s grounds were perfect for portraits of the wedding party and the couple.
Lace House SC Garden Lace House SC Garden Wedding Garden Wedding SC greek church columbia sc

Greek Orthodox Church Wedding Traditions

Molly & Cole had a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, so I thought I’d do a little interview and ask them a few questions about the importance of a few ceremonial events during their special day.
Tell me a little bit about Greek wedding ceremonies and how important they are to you and your family:
From the bride, Molly, “The wedding ceremony of the Greek Orthodox Church is an ancient rite, and it is full of symbolism and meaning. Cole and I were led through the ceremony by Father Michael (The Priest) and our Koumbaros (Maid of Honor and Best Man) who are both important figures in our life. I was raised in the Greek Orthodox Church along with my Mom’s Family (My Mom is full Greek). The Greek church has always been a special place for us to connect with Christ and with our rich heritage. The Greek Orthodox community and Father Michael have been a great support system, even as we moved multiple times in different states growing up, and they always welcomed us to our new place with open arms.”

Orthodox church columbia sc Orthodox church wedding columbia sc Holy trinity columbia sc wedding trinity church columbia sc wedding wedding photographer holy trinity columbia sc

Rings and Crowns

What was the significance of your sister helping you both place your rings on your hands and the crowns you were crowned with?

“The rings are exchanged three times on the fingers of the Bride and the Groom by my sister, the Koumbara (Maid of Honor) and she is a further expression, and witness of our lives being brought together as one. “

greek church wedding columbia sc South Carolina Church Wedding

 What do the crowns in a Greek wedding ceremony mean?
“The crowning is the focal point of the wedding ceremony. Father Michael blesses the bride and groom with the Stefana (The Wedding Crowns) in the name of the Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit. The wedding crowns are joined by a ribbon which symbolizes the unity of Cole and me, and the presence of Christ. Through the crowns, Christ establishes us as the King and Queen of our home, which we rule with wisdom, justice, and integrity. “

trinity church wedding Columbia SC Holy Trinity Wedding Photographer SC

The Holy Trinity Symbolism

What was the meaning and significance of you and Cole walking around behind a clergyman three times during the ceremony?
“The symbolic actions of the ceremony like the joining of hands, exchange of rings and the crowning are repeated three times because it stresses the belief in the Holy Trinity, in which God is represented as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  So Cole and I walking around the clergy represent that symbolism. “

Wedding at Holy Trinity Columbia orthodox church wedding Columbia SC South Carolina orthodox church wedding

Finally and officially MARRIED!!

Greek church wedding South Carolina the knot wedding photography

How else did you incorporate being Greek into your wedding day?

We incorporated Koufeta (Sugarcoated almonds) as Greek wedding favors. They were placed in little boxes in odd numbers because odd numbers are indivisible, this symbolizes that Cole and I will share everything. Before dinner, Father Michael performed his blessing to Cole and me, and to the guests, which is also a Greek Wedding tradition.

the knot wedding photographers the knot south carolina garden wedding venues south carolina garden wedding venues SC

Molly and Cole’s day was *so* flawless that we even had a moment to spare for them to drink a beer together. First married beer during formal photos? I think SO!

Columbia SC Garden Wedding Lace House Garden Wedding SC

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Garrard!

Outdoor weddings SC Outdoor weddings in Columbia SC Photography at the Lace house columbia sc The Lace House Photographer Lace House Engagement Photos Engagement at the lace house The Governers mansion photoshoot The Governers mansion photographer the knot best wedding venues

Then it was time for their outdoor reception amongst the gardens and ground of the South Carolina Lace House…

South Carolina Lace House Outdoor Reception Outdoor Wedding reception Columbia SC Wedding reception at the Governors Mansion Columbia Governors Mansion Columbia Reception

Cake goals, amiright?! Silver Spoon Bake Shop never disappoints!! Governors Mansion SC Weddings Governors Mansion SC Jessica Hunt Twitter Jessica Hunt Facebook Wedding Photographer Lace House SC Lace House photographer SC Lace House wedding reception

One of the sweetest moments of the day was Molly and her dad’s dance together. They laughed and giggled together in front of the crowd like no one else was watching. It was so special to see their sweet relationship! The Lace House and Gardens Outdoor Wedding Outdoor wedding at The Lace House SC

Then it was time for a few toasts by the father of the bride, best man, and maid of honor! Each one of the speeches was incredibly sweet and touching. Molly’s sister, Zoe, even took a few moments to sing one of the couple’s favorite songs for the party. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after that, let me tell ya! Garden reception at the lace house Governor's mansion Columbia SC

And then they exited under a shower of sparklers and with a kiss! Columbia lace house on the governors mansion grounds The lace house on the governors mansion grounds

Lace House Wedding Photos

I hope you enjoyed this look into Molly and Cole’s Lace House wedding photos and wedding day today! This couple and their love are so special, and I’m honored to have been their wedding photographer.

And to Molly and Cole, you two. Goodness. Your wedding experience was *such* a joy for me to photograph, friends. Getting to know you both over beers in Charleston to watching you seal your ceremony with a kiss, every moment has filled my hear with joy to be a part of. Your sweet spirits are one of my favorite things about you two as a couple. And I hope that life brings you two closer and closer each year. All of my love, you two. I’m thankful to have you two as one of my JHP couples and as my friends. 


Wedding Gown: Winnie Couture
Groom’s Apparel: Men’s Warehouse, Vera Wang
Bridesmaids Attire:
Groomsmen Attire:  Men’s Warehouse, Vera Wang
Florist:  By Design.LLC
Wedding Cake Vendor: Silver Spoon
Wedding Favors: Homemade Natural Soy Candles with Lavender and Eucalyptus and Koufetta (Greek Wedding Almonds)
DJ for Reception: Drew Medlin, Emory Lane Band
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Abigail Ludwig
Paper Products: Minted



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