Jul 28, 2021

LGBTQ+ Friendly Photographer in Columbia, SC
Carly and Zikeiya

LGBTQ+ friendly photographer in Columbia SC

LGBTQ+ Friendly Photographer in Columbia, SC

Carly and Zikeiya hosted a chic intimate elopement with their family and friends at the South Carolina state house grounds in Columbia, South Carolina this spring. I’m excited to walk you through their intimate LGBTQ friendly photography and romantic private dinner at 1208 Washington Place.

LGBTQ+ first look elopement

LGBTQ Elopement Photography 

The sun was shining at the South Carolina State House grounds while the breeze gave just the right temperature for a spring wedding photography. The grounds glowed with greenery with the right amount of afternoon shade making the perfect setting for any LGBTQ friendly photographer. Zikeiya arrived to the gorgeous lush grounds ready for the first look with her bride suited in all white with gold rimmed glasses.

LGBTQ+ First look reveal in Columbia, SC at State House

Her bride, Carly awaited in the shade of some trees in her stunning short bridal dress with a deep open back. From the crown on her head to the deep blue diamond on her finger, Carly shined and was nothing short of royalty. She waited on Zikeiya to tap on her shoulder for a first look reveal.

LGBTQ Elopement First Look Reactions in Columbia, SC LGBTQ Elopement First Look reaction at South Carolina State House

LGBTQ Elopement First Look Portraits

LGBTQ Friendly First Look Photography

Once revealed, Zikeiya shed some tears in awe of her beautiful bride. Finally, some laughs and kisses were shared between the two. After I captured so many candid moments as their LGBTQ friendly photographer, we stopped to grab the stunning attire that Carly and Zikeiya sported. Though every detail was small, they were all picked with care and intention. Instead of a bouquet, Carly clutched a small beige purse with gold letters reading End Systemic Racism on the outside of the bag.

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LGBTQ Elopement attire in Columbia, SC

LGBTQ elopement wardrobe in Columbia, SC LGBTQ Elopement Wardrobe featuring bride in crown in Columbia, SC

LGBTQ elopement hand bag

Columbia, SC LGBTQ elopement wedding band and ring

LGBTQ+ Union in Columbia, SC

After I captured these lovely details, Zikeiya and Carly’s families arrived to witness their union right on the South Carolina State House grounds. Tears were shed by family members while Zikeiya shed her own. Carly gently wiped her brides tears away as they laughed and enjoyed their union as their LGBTQ+ friendly photographer captured every sweet and cherished moment.

LGBTQ Elopement on South Carolina State House grounds Lgbtq intimate elopement with family in Columbia, SC Columbia, SC LGBTQ elopement South Carolina state house LGBTQ elopement

LGBTQ elopement couple featuring bride wiping tear from her bride

LGBTQ elopement couple's first kiss

LGBTQ couple share their first kiss on South Carolina State House grounds

LGBTQ elopement family portraits

LGBTQ elopement family portrait

Columbia, SC LGBTQ Couple say I DO

Once they said I DO, they shared their first married kiss as their surrounding families celebrated. We captured LGBTQ friendly photos of them finally as a married couple with their close friends and families that attended their ceremony, and as family headed off to Columbia’s 1208 Washington Place venue for a romantic dinner, Zikeiya and Carly stayed behind for some portraits together.

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Columbia, SC LGBTQ elopement couple's portraits LGBTQ wedding photography in Columbia, SC LGBTQ Elopement couple portraits

The Marbled walls and columns at the South Carolina State House made these two look like royalty. Truly, they are one beautiful couple.

LGBTQ Wedding Photographer portraits featuring SC State House grounds Columbia, SC LGBTQ wedding photographer featuring couple on state house groundsLGBTQ elopement couple on South Carolina State GroundsLGBTQ wedding photographer at SC State House LGBTQ Elopement couple posing at state house in Columbia, SC

LGBTQ Friendly Reception Dinner Photography

It was time to head to 1208 Washington Place! A smaller room in the back of the venue was decorated with a long dinner table with golden silverware and glass cups. Tall candles and pampas grass lined the tops of the table to meet a wall with a stunning muted floral arch. It was a romantic dream for the modern LGBTQ+ friendly photographer.

Columbia, SC LGBTQ Elopement Dinner at 1208 Washington Place LGBTQ Wedding Photography featuring an intimate 1208 Washington Place Dinner

LGBTQ Romantic Dinner Decor

A neon sign saying The Gomezs sat right at the top of the arch to make this intimate dinner have an extra unique glow. Along the fireplace sat vases and several candles. That was decoration that was truly eye catching as an LGBTQ+ friendly photographer. On the window seal sat gift boxes for every guest filled with thoughtful items such as sage and the couple’s favorite drink choices. Zikeiya and Carly were to sit right in the middle of the dinner table completely surrounded by all their loved ones and enjoy a Hudson’s Classic Catering dinner.

LGBTQ Wedding Photography at 1208 Washington Place for Private Elopement Dinner featuring neon sign LGBTQ Wedding Photography at 1208 Washington Place for Private Elopement Dinner featuring candles along the fireplace LGBTQ Wedding Photography at 1208 Washington Place for Private Elopement Dinner featuring couple entering dinner

LGBTQ Wedding photography featuring 1208 Washington Place intimate dinner

LGBTQ+ Friendly Photographer in Columbia, SC

After their dinner, they went to cut their Bakers Sweet’s cake. It was simple, yet artistic. Dried fruit lined the outside of the cake to create a muted, yet colorful eye catching dessert. They also shared cupcakes with the guests. Once they cut the cake, we stepped out for one last LGBTQ+ friendly photo with the old bank vault before ending our time together.

LGBTQ Photography featuring dried fruit decorated cake LGBTQ Wedding photography featuring Couple kissing over cake

Columbia, SC LGBTQ photographer featuring couple kissing at 1208 Washington Place

Carly and Zikeiya showed that even the smallest of ceremonies and reception dinners can be thoughtful and gorgeous. They really pulled off their romantic chic vision. I felt super lucky to be chosen as their LGBTQ+ Friendly Photographer in Columbia, SC.

LGBTQ Wedding Photography with couple kissing over dinner

Thank you for walking through their intimate elopement with me!

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Photography: Jessica Hunt Photography

Venue: 1208 Washington Place

Catering: Hudson’s Classic Catering

Cake: Bakers Sweets




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