Jan 23, 2019

South Carolina State Museum Same-Sex Wedding Photos
Daniel and Cameron

There are some days that, as a wedding photographer, I can show up on the wedding day and just feel that everything is going to go flawlessly. Daniel and Cameron’s South Carolina State Museum wedding was one of those kind of wedding days. That’s why I am so excited to share a few of my favorites from Daniel and Cameron’s South Carolina State Museum wedding photos!

Cameron and Daniel’s same-sex wedding day was full of flawless details, expertly-styled spaces, emotional moments, and a party like no other!! From the first look to the sparkler exit, every single moment on this day was full of joy. The couple worked incredibly hard to craft a flawless day, so of course, these photos show exactly that! I could go on and on about each little perfect part of their day, but I will let these South Carolina State Museum wedding photos speak for themselves!



Daniel and Cameron put in an inordinate amount of work into their South Carolina State Museum wedding day to ensure that everything came together into one cohesive theme and looked flawless from start to finish. The details were a dream for these same-sex South Carolina State Museum wedding photos!

Daniel wore a pink ASOS suit that was customized with sparkling bling by Miranda Park of Miranda’s Vintage Bridal in Cleveland, Ohio. Daniel complemented his baby pink, blinged-out look with a custom pair of loafers and the most fabulous bow tie you’ll ever see.

Cameron wore a navy tuxedo with satin black lapels and sparkly blue loafers to finish off the look. Both of them donned one-of-a-kind rings designed and created by Tessa Metcalf, a UK jewelry designer. Their delicate wedding bands were from Tiffany’s, complete with the pretty blue box and all! engayged weddings same sex wedding rings same sex wedding invitations same sex wedding photographer same sex wedding photos gay wedding ideas gay wedding planning gay men wedding

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The couple had their very close friend, Justin, officiate their wedding and Justin came to the wedding as his drag queen persona, Bootsie LeFaris. Bootsie LeFaris also joined us for the couple’s wedding party portraits throughout the day and shared a lovely dance with Daniel at the reception.

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Daniel and Cameron wanted to have their wedding party represent the traditional style that wedding parties usually display, but still be as nontraditional as they are! The way that they achieved this was by Cameron asking women to be his ‘groomsmaids’ and Daniel asking his men (and one woman dressed in a suit!) to be his wedding party attendants.

They planned it this way to ensure that the wedding party would present as traditional heterosexual wedding parties typically display in wedding portraits: with dresses on one side of the couple and suits on the other! How cute, right!?

WAS Design Works went above and beyond with unique floral styling for the wedding party, and I was so inspired by their use of succulents in the grooms’ pocket squares and the cuffs that the mothers of the grooms wore throughout the day.
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The couple served both tacos and pizza for their guests to enjoy as they danced the night away. In addition, Daniel and Cameron kicked off the unique same-sex wedding reception with their first dance, which they choreographed themselves. Look at that LIFT moment! This nontraditional wedding reception was a complete blast!

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Another one of the couple’s friends, Patti O’Furniture, also arrived at the reception ready to help them cut their wedding cake and perform! The couple had a wedding cake shaped like an armadillo, and of course, the first piece she cut off was (fittingly!) a “nice piece of ass” from the armadillo!

The reference to the classic southern movie, Steel Magnolias, was not only SO hilarious on the wedding night, but also a perfect example of how Daniel and Cameron infused hints of southern culture into their nontraditional same-sex wedding day at the South Carolina State Museum. lgbtq+ wedding South Carolina State Museum wedding venue jessica hunt twitter

Cameron changed out of his sparkly blue loafers before the reception started, and his bedazzled replacement boots lit up the dance floor all night. It’s hard to tell what was sparkling more on this beautiful night, this couple or the sparklers behind them upon their exit!

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I hope you loved this little peek into Daniel and Cameron’s South Carolina State Museum wedding photos! It’s so easy to see how much work this couple put into their day to ensure it was perfect. I am so honored to have been behind the camera for this South Carolina State Museum wedding day, and I also hope you leave a ‘congratulations’ in the comments below for the happy couple!


Oh my goodness! YOU TWO! All of your planning together with all of your hard work, ALL of it was WORTH it, gentlemen. Your day was truly as flawless as you two are. I cannot look at photos of you together on this day without smiling. I will never forget your wedding day! From the first look session to the wedding reception, every moment was so full of love and joy. I am so proud to have been your wedding photographer. I cannot wait to see where you two go from here. You deserve all of the goodness this world has to offer!


Venue: South Carolina State Museum
Cameron’s Apparel: Tiknors Mens Clothier in Cleveland, OH; Shoes: Just Men’s Shoes
Daniel’s Apparel: ASOS, customized by Miranda Park of Miranda’s Vintage Bridal in Cleveland, OH; Custom shoes created by Kayla Stojek on Etsy; Custom bow tie: Jake Simpson on Etsy
Daniel’s Wedding Attendants Attire: Express suits and shirts; Bow ties: Jake Simpson
Cameron’s Wedding Attendants Attire: Bella Bridesmaids
Wedding gifts: Tessa Metcalfe Jewellery
Wedding Bands: Tiffany & Co.
Florist: Andrew Stinson at WAS Design Works
Dessert Vendors: 27 Cakes for Steel Magnolias inspired Red Velvet Armadillo Cake cut by Patti O’Furniture as Ouiser Boudreaux; Silver Spoon Bake Shop
Ceremony Location: SC State Museum
DJ for Reception: Bridal Dj’s
Bartenders/Bartending Company for Reception: Liquid Assets
Officiant: Justin Keller as Bootsie LeFaris
Hair and Makeup: Cameron’s Girls- Breanna Price; Cameron and his mother- Shannon Richie Lindsey, Jennifer Richie
Catering Company: Cantina 76; The Wolf Pizza Co.
Paper Products: Designs by Sarah West
Linens: CV Linens
Second Shooter: Alexis Schwallier Photography



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