Sep 11, 2019

Main Street Columbia SC Engagement Photos
Jerran & Taylor

I’m so excited to share with you Taylor and Jerran’s Main Street Columbia SC engagement photos today! Taylor and Jerran are the sweetest couple planning their wedding for next year, and we met up a few weeks ago to photograph some engagement photos for their save-the-dates. I hope you enjoy looking through all of the fun things that we did for their engagement photos on Main Street Columbia SC and getting to know more about them as a couple!

Unique Engagement Photos

One of my favorite things to do with my couples for engagement sessions is encourage them to do something a little bit more than just the standard go to a field, stand in front of the camera, and smile. I even help my couples plan out how to have an engagement session that’s a bit more fun and how to choose the locations for their engagement photos, too!

Engagement Photos with their Pup & Ice Cream

Taylor and Jerran decided to shake things up a little bit with their Main Street Columbia SC engagement photos and do things a bit differently as I suggested, and I’m so glad they did! They brought along their pup, Bruce, for a few photos on Main Street, then we enjoyed some ice cream outside of Sweet Cream and Co. right off Main Street, and a few more portraits of them as a couple before they changed into a more formal outfit for the second part of their engagement session.

How did you two meet/start dating?

“It all started at a bar.  Buffalo Wild Wings bar to be exact.  Jerran ordered an old fashioned and the pregnant bartender had no idea how to make it!  She actually had to look it up in a book.  We really owe it all to her, because the pink old fashioned she handed Jerran broke the ice between us.  I made a joke about his cute drink, and we both laughed.  From there we started talking and it was clear to both of us we had a connection.  Jerran suggested we go to the quieter Mexican place down the street, and if you know anything about me, you know Mexican is always a YES!  We ended up doing some bar hopping.  By the third bar, I knew Jerran was the one.  Jerran however claims he wasn’t sure until our first kiss later that night.  From then on, we’ve been pretty much inseparable.”

Tell us the proposal story!

“At the end of Taylor’s 2019 spring break and the beginning of Jerran’s we headed on our yearly Savannah trip.  On the way, we drove through a tornado!  Yes, there were alerts blaring, ‘take shelter now’ messages playing, wind and rain going crazy.   Jerran had a plan to propose in one of Savannah’s beautiful parks, but the weather put a stop to that idea. He was going to have to improvise. Completely oblivious in the passenger seat, Taylor assumed Jerran was somewhat tense because of the driving conditions.  Little did she know, Jerran would end up proposing within 20 mins of arriving in Savannah in front of the window overlooking the memorial bridge in our hotel room.  He had kept her ring hidden for 3 months and couldn’t wait any longer!  Having looked at the weather and thought about an alternative should he need it, Jerran made a framed sign and wrapped it up to give to Taylor as a present.  When he handed Taylor the present and got out his phone, she thought he was pranking her so, of course, she said a few cuss words and yelled “you better not be videoing me!”  The sign had their saying, ‘I see you, I choose you, I love you.’ written on it, but this time the saying was followed by ‘Will you marry me?’ As she opened the gift, it took a while for her to process that he was turning on our song and he was down on one knee.  Taylor said yes and we celebrated with yummy food, drinks, and lots of ice cream all weekend in Savannah.”

South Carolina Statehouse Engagement Photos

I always love photographing more formal portraits in and around the South Carolina Statehouse grounds because the Statehouse has that classic marble feel to it and the grounds are always gorgeous in the evening. Taylor and Jerran looked so sharp as we worked through a few more portraits of them as a couple. I absolutely love how easily they laugh around each other and how so many of these portraits came together.

Tell us what you love about each other!

 Jerran said, “There is so much to love about Taylor. First, I think Taylor is absolutely beautiful. I love the way she looks at me when we haven’t seen each other in a few days. Taylor is such a caring person. She always goes above and beyond for people she cares about. Her ability to communicate clearly, is something I’ve come to love about my fiancé. I love the way she loves me.”

Taylor said, “Jerran is the most nurturing man I know.  He takes care of everyone around him in any way they need without hesitation.  He is incredibly hard working.  I love how passionate he is about coaching and his players. He’s also so supportive of me – from pep talk to making tutus for my class, he is there for me 100% no matter what. I love how much he makes me laugh and how he loves me in all the ways I need but don’t know how to say.”

Main Street Columbia SC Engagement Photos

I hope you enjoyed Taylor and Jerran’s Main Street Columbia SC engagement photos today. I had such a wonderful time photographing them on Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina at Sweet Cream and Co. and at the South Carolina State House. Their wedding day next year is going to be an absolute blast, and I hope that you loved getting to know more about this sweet couple and seeing these Main Street Columbia SC engagement photos.



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