Mar 1, 2019

Small Business Branding Photos
Micheala with Beachside Studio

Creating imagery and social media content for other business owners and businesses is one of my favorite things to do behind the camera. I absolutely love working with other business owners on developing imagery that matches the business of their dreams. Today, I am excited to show off Beachside Studio‘s new headshots, branding imagery, and social media content photos that I photographed last year while in Pipa, Brazil!

Elevate your Online Presence

In the age of digital marketing, a business’s online presence is one of the most important things to think about as a business owner.  Things like a business’s website or Instagram feed can make or break working with their desired client and target market. That’s where I come in as a small business branding photographer in Columbia,SC! I love to create beautiful branding and content imagery to help elevate any business’s online presence.

Intentional Social Media Content Curation

While traveling in Brazil last November, I worked with Michaela at Beachside Studio to create imagery that reflects her genuinely happy self and content to fill her social media feeds that was both intentional and consistent to ensure her feed matched her vision perfectly. Michaela and I worked together prior to her branding session to come up many different inspiration photos to ensure we were creating the type of imagery she needed and wanted to see in her gallery.

Headshots & Branded Social Media Content

We photographed headshots of Michaela around her town of Pipa, Brazil and on the surrounding beaches to ensure she had a few photos of herself that she truly loved and showed an authentic portrait of who she is. We also collaborated on photos for her clients, her website, and some stock photography for her to use in her marketing! I am so excited with how Michaela’s branding sessions went, and I absolutely love some of the imagery we created together. It fits her, her brand, and her business perfectly!

Beachside Studio

Michaela has been using her social media imagery we created together on her feed for a few weeks now on Instagram, and you should totally go check out how these intentional branding photos have enhanced her online presence! Beachside Studio and Michaela focus on building strategic websites for course creators, coaches, and photographers with big vision, and I cannot wait to see where these new photos for her business take her over the next year!

Great Branding & Design Can Change your Entire Business

If you visit Beachside Studio’s website, you may find a familiar face throughout the site. Mine! Michaela and I worked together in 2016 to build the brand and website you see today, and we have continued to collaborate on different projects for my business throughout the past few years. If you’re interested in hear about how Michaela’s intentional design and incredible services helped me change my South Carolina wedding photography business from top to bottom, head over HERE to read about it!

Columbia SC Small Business Photos

If you are a business owner or social media influencer who is looking for a photographer to create branded content that matches you and your vision for your website, social media channels, and online presence, don’t hesitate to reach out! Working with other businesses on creating imagery that best represent their brands is such a joy of mine, and I cannot wait to work with you on your business’s imagery needs!

Small Business Branding Photos

I hope you enjoyed this look into Michaela and Beachside Studio‘s small business branding photos and social media content images today! I had an incredible time working with Michaela on her vision for these images, and I am so excited to see where these photos take her and her business in the future!

If you own a small business and are looking for images that match your big vision and brand, shoot me an email over at to get the conversation started on how we can help revamp your online presence and connect you with your target market! I cannot wait to hear from you!



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