Mar 21, 2023

South Carolina Boudoir Experience

South Carolina boudoir experience featuring model laying on back in black and white

South Carolina Boudoir Experience

Welcome to Morgan’s South Carolina boudoir experience. Morgan came into the Jessica Hunt Boudoir studio as a pre wedding experience but made this boudoir session a gift for herself. After Jamie Tran Beauty glammed her up, Morgan was able to go through the boudoir closet and get this session started. Are you ready to learn about her journey with boudoir?

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Model laying on bed during South Carolina boudoir session in black and white Model posing in red lingerie during South Carolina boudoir sessionModel laying on pink couch during South Carolina boudoir session 

In Morgan’s Own Words

Before this session started, I  was kind of nervous as this is not like anything I’ve done before. But once we started I felt so confident and comfortable! I learned that I can feel confident in my natural state. I find myself always trying to suck in for pictures and I wasn’t doing that in the shoot. After we finished the boudoir session, I feel like I appreciate my body so much more and I am not as harsh on myself about my physical appearance.

Bride posing with veil during South Carolina bridal boudoir session bride posing with veil in black and white during South Carolina boudoir session Model posing with hand on cheek during South Carolina boudoir session

Her Favorite Part

The bridal boudoir part of the shoot was my favorite part. But my favorite part about working with Jessica was the fact that she is so sweet and personable! While getting my hair and makeup done, we all had such good conversations that were a good introduction.

South Carolina boudoir model gripping lingerie in black and white South Carolina boudoir studio model posing in black and pink lingerie South Carolina boudoir studio model posing in front of mirror in black and white

After Her Session

I called my mom after and told her for her birthday she should do it. It is such a confidence booster especially for those who struggle with their physical image. Definitely do this session, the process is worth the time. Jessica made me feel so comfortable and got my pictures back to me relatively quickly. I have always struggled with self love, anxiety and depression. Once I got these photos back, I kept showing everyone! I was so proud of myself for doing something out of my comfort zone and embracing my body.

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South Carolina boudoir studio model posing in sport jersey. South Carolina boudoir studio model posing in sport jersey and white thong.

South Carolina Boudoir Experience

I love seeing that Morgan’s South Carolina boudoir experience was such a success. Knowing that this process boosted her confidence means the world to this photographer. Boudoir is more than a pre wedding experience, it is a total gift to yourself!



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