Nov 10, 2017

Sustainable, Urban Farm City Roots Wedding
Paul & Dana


One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is that I get to celebrate special days with so many different and unique couples. Dana and Paul are no exceptions to that rule. Both from Buffalo, New York and self-identifying as ‘hipsters,’ they are a unique pair who hosted the most incredible sustainable, urban farm City Roots wedding last month!

Paul and Dana are genuinely best friends (you can read about how they met and fell in love below!). They wanted to center their wedding day around their love, their future, and their family. Most of their guests traveled to City Roots in Columbia, South Carolina from across the country, so it was clear to me that the couple had only invited those most precious and dear to them. That made for an intimate event where it was clear why everyone was there; solely to celebrate this incredible couple and their marriage.


I could honestly go on and on and ON about how much I enjoyed being a part of Paul and Dana’s wedding day. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left, every little detail fell into place perfectly. It was a beautiful day, and City Roots did not disappoint. F2T Productions served up delicious cocktails, yummy appetizers, and a stunning 3-course meal. From their wildflower bouquets to a pair of socks the bride gave the groom, everything about this sustainable farm wedding turned out perfectly. Dana and Paul’s ring bearer was a sweet pup named Beckett, and she did her job perfectly when delivering the couple their rings during the ceremony!

I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorite images from Paul and Dana’s wedding day at City Roots in Columbia, SC with planning and coordination by F2T Productions. Congratulations, once again, to the happy couple! Keep scrolling to see their full wedding day, the story of how the couple met and fell in love, and much more.


Wedding Gown: Boutique –Dalia’s Bridal, Williamsville NY; Designer – Martina Liana
Bride’s Shoes: BaliELF
Florist: Brinton Fox with City Roots and Farm to Table Events
Wedding Cake Vendor: Finger Lakes Cake Company
Ceremony Location: City Roots
DJ for Reception: Jorin Garguilo
Bartenders/Bartending Company for Reception: F2T Productions
Lighting for Reception: F2T Productions
Officiant: Tori Kuper
Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Vanessa from F2T Productions
Catering Company: F2T Productions with City Roots Sustainable Farm
Paper Products: Zazzle
Furniture Rentals: Party Reflections Inc.

sustainable wedding

We started out by photographing the bride and her wedding day details as she carefully applied her makeup and did her hair. country wedding ideas Sustainable, Urban Farm City Roots Wedding

Dana had a unique, sustainable wedding look and style. One of my favorite parts of her outfit were these incredibly cute blue shoes!farm wedding ideas short wedding dresses

Her mom helped her into her dress, and her girls were wowed and moved to tears the first time they saw her all dressed up.
jessica hunt photography jessica hunt facebook jessica hunt

Dana and Paul decided to give each other gifts before seeing one another on their sustainable, urban farm City Roots wedding day. Paul gifted Dana a unique antique locket with a kiss inside. jessica hunt twitter jessica hunt instagram

Dana gifted Paul a pretty AMAZING pair of socks to wear on their wedding day and a bracelet with the coordinates to their first date engraved in it.
columbia sc wedding photographers

Yes, you read those right. The socks say, “I’m Getting Meowied,” and Paul rocked them all day!wedding photographers columbia sc

columbia sc photographers columbia sc photographer columbia sc

After a few photos with the groom’s details, he was ready to see his bride!


One thing I loved about Paul and Dana’s First Look at City Roots is that both of them were able to have that ‘reveal’ moment. Paul kept hidden his wedding day attire and style from Dana, just as many brides normally do! So when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, both Paul and Dana were seeing each other’s attire for the first time. How cool, right?
wedding first look first look photographers
photographers columbia sc backyard rustic wedding

The both excitedly showed off their outfits to each other, and of course, Paul had to prove he was wearing his new pair of socks!
simple backyard wedding dress ideas for backyard weddings diy backyard wedding outdoor wedding simple backyard wedding


We took a few minutes before the ceremony to photograph the couple together around the sustainable farm property of City Roots in Columbia, South Carolina, and I adore how the wildflowers from the farm framed so many of these wedding summer backyard wedding ideas country wedding ideas eco friendly wedding

City Roots and the fantastic team from F2T Productions created bouquets and boutonnières for the wedding party from the flowers on the farm, and they did not disappoint!city roots columbia sc vintage farm wedding ideas farm wedding venues near me


 From Paul: “Back in the misty eons of 2015, I had just defended my dissertation and was working for a software company in Buffalo, NY. In the spirit of crowd-sourcing, I had told my friends that they should keep an eye out for any of their friends, acquaintances, etc. who were hip cats willing to go on a blind date with the narrator of this tale. Luckily, most of them were terrible at their job.

On what had seemed to be a Tuesday in May like any other, I went to a local bakery started by some friends to pick up a bread share. It was near closing time, and I was one of the last to show up, so two of the bakery founders had time to chat. They had this friend, you see, who might be persuaded to go on a date with me. She was reported to be just my type of nerd, you see. Little did I know, she was the One to Be.”


“After some To: ing and From: ing, we agreed to grab a drink at a little Irish bar called Shannon’s Pub. We had no trouble at all passing 3 or 4 hours over beer and Gin & Tonics. All the while, we accidentally kept revealing hints of our shared interests. That summer was pretty amazing: hikes, talks, drinks, cooking together. I remember telling my sister very early on the one thing that was so great about Dana. It’s that topics that are usually tough to talk about with other folks seemed natural with her. We spent the fall, winter, and spring months sharing time hanging out, playing with cats, or watching Dr. Who.”


   “Another fall, winter, and spring flew by. She started grad school and quit a job while I lost and found a job. We provided support for each other throughout all the weird and new that came with the transitions. We also took a road trip around Western and Central NY to see friends. During the trip, I accidentally proposed to her in a car instead of on the hiking trail near a waterfall like I’d planned. This was because of a slightly hilarious (and to be expected) confluence of my planning, our friends’ similar ideas, and just plain luck. Despite all that, I managed to convince her to move to Charleston, SC with me to start a new life for my new job.”

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Then their sweet City Roots ceremony began! With their closest friends and family overlooking the farm, Dana and Paul promised each other their forever.

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Their canine ring bearer, Beckett, performed her duties flawlessly as she ran up the aisle to deliver the rings to the couple.sustainable wedding

Just look at that content smile on her little face!
wedding photographers south carolina eco friendly wedding decorations eco friendly wedding city roots columbia sc city roots city roots farm to table

After Paul and Dana exchanged rings, their close friend Tori pronounced them husband and wife. And just look at these happy smiles on both of their faces once she said the words! Finally and officially, married!!!city roots columbia south carolina city roots farm farm to table columbia sc the knot wedding photographers

Dr. & Mrs. Heider, everyone!

the knot vendors barn wedding venues

country wedding ideas

Wedding parties are better if they have a four-legged member. It’s official. Beckett even wore a dress to the wedding, y’all! It doesn’t get much better than that!
places to get married in sc wedding venue south carolina backyard wedding flowers intimate backyard wedding ideas wedding reception in backyard

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Oh Dana, my sweet friend, you’re so beautiful.
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After we wrapped up with the wedding party and couple’s portraits after their wedding ceremony at City Roots in Columbia, the couple headed into their reception. Dana and Paul’s sustainable reception was one for the books. It was complete with local craft beer, a three-course meal at farm-style tables, and a few hilarious toasts from close wedding photographers in columbia sc affordable wedding photography columbia sc Fable to Table EventsFarm to Table Events Farm to Table Events columbia sc F2T Productions Finger Lakes Cake Company Finger Lakes Cake Company sc F2T Productions columbia sc F2T Productions columbia F2T Productions south carolina sustainable events south carolina sustainable weddings south carolina sustainable weddings eco friendly wedding south carolina eco friendly wedding sc farm wedding south carolina farm wedding sc farm wedding columbia south carolina farm wedding columbia sc sustainable wedding south carolina sustainable wedding sc

sustainable wedding columbia south carolina sustainable wedding columbia sc

After F2T Productions served all three courses, the couple cut their cake and kicked off a night of dancing!
wedding reception in barn rustic wedding south carolina rustic wedding sc rustic wedding columbia sc Urban Farm wedding sustainable Urban Farm wedding the knot columbia sc barn wedding venues columbia south carolina barn wedding venues columbia sc barn wedding venues south carolina

Once the party started, many guests made their way to dance floor to enjoy the last few moments with the couple. Then the bride and groom ended their sustainable, urban farm City Roots wedding day under a shower of sparklers and cheers!barn wedding venues sc barn wedding venues columbia wedding in sc country wedding columbia sc country wedding sc

Then, they promptly turned right back around to head back to the party once I photographed their exit! country wedding columbia south carolina

I hope you enjoyed a look at Paul and Dana’s sustainable, urban farm City Roots wedding and that you leave the couple some love below in the comments! Congratulations to Dr. & Mrs. Heider!

To Paul & Dana,

Where do I even start, y’all?! I not only had the chance to photograph the coolest couple at the raddest wedding ever, but also that I gained two life-long friends! How on earth I found myself so lucky as to be your wedding photographer, I’ll never know. But with all of my heart, I thank you. Thank you for inviting me into your home for your engagement portraits. Thank you for accepting Ranger and me as friends over tacos during our first meeting. And thank you for having little ‘ol me photograph your incredible wedding day. I truly hope to find a love like yours one day, my friends. Your story and love are so very special. I cannot wait to see what adventure you two embark upon next!

Love Paul and Dana’s sustainable, urban farm City Roots wedding day and want to see their engagement photos? Check them out HERE after you leave a comment below for the couple!



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  1. Lindsay says:

    Love their style!! From her shoes, to his awesome socks, just amazing! And your flat lays never disappoint for the details shots!

  2. Ellen Ruth Keadle says:

    I LOVE THIS ENTIRE GALLERY!!!!!!! The colors are fantastic. The light. The details. The outfits. This whole thing is just amazing.

  3. Tricia says:

    These two are so adorable! I love their huge grins from the beginning of the day all the way to the end! Can we talk about how incredible your detail shots are too!!!!

  4. Raina says:

    What an incredibly fun couple!! Loved his socks. All the color and lights and love…this was absolutely fantastic!!! What a gorgeous sustainable, urban farm city roots wedding!!

  5. I love all the details from this wedding! It looks like it was a blast & so unique! Also, I’m going crazy over the Meowied socks!! OMG!! perfect! hahah

  6. Lindsay says:

    I absolutely love their style and color pallet!!!

  7. Shauna says:

    You are the queen of details!! So many gorgeous things to remember.

  8. Danielle says:

    That first look is so beautifully captured.

  9. Lucy says:

    I just love their colour scheme. This wedding perfectly reflects their personalities and I love that they’ve embraced that throughout their day. Gorgeous work!

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