Mar 8, 2022

The Importance Of Details In Weddings
Columbia, SC Wedding Detail Photography

The Importance of wedding details in Columbia, SC

The Importance Of Details In Weddings

I love to start out your wedding day with detail photos. Throughout the day, I of course need to capture every moment and you as a couple to truly tell your beautiful story, but I make sure to capture every detail you add to your wedding because it sets the tone, colors, and theme for the entire day in front of my lens. It’s not only for my couples to have a beautiful photo of the invitations they invested in, the rings the wear, the florals they choose, and the day’s decor- it’s also for me, as an artist, to get a visual FEEL for the wedding day, on the wedding day. Your details like these are the way I love to tell a story. So let me tell you about the importance of details in weddings!

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Wedding details and flat lay in Columbia, SC Wedding details in Columbia, SC featuring brides shoes and wedding favorsWedding rings and perfume wedding detail photography in Columbia, SCWedding Dress photography in Columbia, SC Wedding detail photography in Columbia, SC featuring brides shoes, jewelry and dress

These Are The Little Details You Won’t Want To Forget.⁣

On any wedding day, I always make sure to capture your invitation suite, your attire, your jewelry, and even the perfumes you wear. Your wedding day in South Carolina can seem like it goes by so fast and I understand you want to spend as many moments as possible being present with your partner. So that’s why it’s so important to me to start the day capturing your personality. Yes, your personality. Your wedding day is not complete without these details as they truly show who you as a couple are.

Important details in wedding photography featuring brides shoes and grooms cufflinks Grooms wedding details in Columbia, SC

The small things that matter to them matter to me, and sometimes, your details aren’t even your personality. They are your family heirlooms and the things that unite families! Even the big detail of photographing your venue, like the indoor and outdoor Lace House venue in Columbia, SC is something you won’t want to forget.

Indoor wedding ceremony details in Columbia, SC Columbia, SC indoor wedding ceremony detailsCouple married in front of ceremony decor and details Wedding ceremony Decoration at outdoor wedding in Lexington, SC Wedding ceremony decor in South Carolina South Carolina wedding ceremony decor Couple kissing in front of South Carolina wedding ceremony decor

The Wedding Ceremony Details and Decor

I know many people will say photos of just the ceremony decor don’t matter, but I would argue that they really, actually do. They set the stage for a couple’s album, feature the hard work of the planner, couple, florist, and showcase a gorgeous venue that you hand picked with your partner. You spend time investing in decorating your chairs, your arch, and making sure you’re surrounded by beauty as you speak your intimate vows with your partner. Your dream first kiss moment can be made so much more special when you’re surrounded by your favorite florals and intimate details.

wedding cake details and decor in Columbia, SCCouple feeding each other cake at wedding reception in Columbia, SCWedding Cake photography in Columbia, SCColumbia, SC wedding cake details Wedding cake knife details in Columbia, SC featuring engraved cuttlery

The Sweetest Details

Cake anyone? Not only is the taste something that you should remember forever, but your cake design is something that can speak for your sweet love for a lifetime. Again, your personality is something that should show up through every moment of your wedding day, so your cake’s decoration and details are something that I find super important. Capturing these details to tell the story of how you cut your cake, the glasses that sit next to your cake for your first sip of reception champagne, and the decor that bring your wedding cake details together is a must. No reception is complete without your sweetest details.

Wedding reception decoration in Columbia, SC Wedding reception decoration in Columbia, SC Wedding reception decoration in Columbia, SC Wedding reception decoration in Columbia, SC Wedding reception decoration in Columbia, SC featuring dinner platesWedding reception decoration in Columbia, SC featuring wedding favor blanketsWedding reception decoration in Columbia, SC featuring couple's first dance in front of decorations

Speaking Of Reception

You finished your ceremony and it’s time to celebrate and have dinner with all your loved guests! Telling the story of the party and making sure every detail is photographed will really complete your final gallery. However you decide to celebrate, your vendors work hard to create the day of your dreams and having the memory of eating and dancing around every person you value is so important for me to capture. Your memories mean the most to me, so trust that capturing every piece and detail in your most precious day is going to add so much more value to your forever memories.

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Wedding ceremony arch details and floralswedding ceremony details in Columbia, SCWedding day details featuring rings surrounded by florals and wedding dress Wedding dinner details and decor in Columbia, SC

The Importance Of Details In Weddings

I want nothing more for my couples than for them to enjoy their wedding photography experience with me, to receive a gallery that they love and feels truly represents them and their day, and to enjoy their wedding day as to flows flawlessly around them. Weddings are all about two people joining their lives together, and the photos your receive in your finally gallery from your wedding photographer should reflect that. Your story and perspective of your wedding day are so valuable to you and me as your photographer and that’s why I find it so important to capture details in weddings!



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