Nov 15, 2016

Elegant Outdoor Bridal Portraits in Dalzell, SC
South Carolina Bridal Portraits

Since Heather was married  this past Saturday, I can FINALLY show you her South Carolina bridal portraits!!! We photographed this session a few months ago, and I’ve been waiting (super impatiently, I might add) to share these images with you.

Heather modeled a bit when she was younger, and you’re about to see WHY. She’s such a natural in front of the camera. Every single part of this session was basically just perfection, to be honest with you. Heather had a very unique feel and style planned for her wedding day and bridal portraits, and her gown from J. Major’s Bridal Boutique fit her like a custom made glove! From the gorgeous florals provided by Bloomsbury Floral Designs to Heather’s adorable little vintage pumps, every little thing came together to compliment Heather’s natural beauty perfectly.

Heather’s boss allowed us to use his private property for the shoot for her South Carolina bridal portraits in Dalzell, and I’m so thankful he did. We were able to take advantage of the setting sun in many different locations and even create a very specific vision that Heather had in mind. Just wait till you see these, internet. You’re just not ready for all the flawless… Enjoy!!


Breathtaking, am I right?south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0175 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0176 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0177 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0178 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0179 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0180 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0181

Give me all the Spanish Moss, please!south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0182 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0183 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0184 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0185

Her gown is a stunner, and it fit Heather like a glovesouth-carolina-bridal-portrait_0186 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0187

Simply flawless…south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0188 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0189 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0190 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0191 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0192 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0193 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0194 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0195 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0196 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0197

south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0209 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0198 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0199 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0200 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0201

Oh, and she’s the happiest bride around! All of these smiles came so naturally while we chatted about her wedding day plans and her excitement to be Mrs. Tickle!south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0202

south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0208And now to the images Heather requested… These same glass wine bottles held candles on every table during her reception this past Saturday, and they give these images such an elegant, moody feel. This may not be my normal lighting style, but I still LOVE these frames. So unique and beautiful; just like Heather.

south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0203 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0204 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0205 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0206 south-carolina-bridal-portrait_0207



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  1. Kevyn Cress says:

    GIRL! I love these!!! Especially the black and white ones…gorgeous work!!!

  2. These are so stunning, and she looks so happy! I love them!

  3. Taylor says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. What a gorgeous bride! Those shoes, that dress, the bouquet, the images. Perfectly done! I’m obsessed with those shoes! haha

  4. Tyrenda Pentecost says:

    Gorgeous work and I absolutely love that bouquet, great job!!

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