Jul 2, 2021

How to Prepare for Your Columbia SC Boudoir Session
Columbia, South Carolina Boudoir

Columbia, SC Boudoir model in snake lingerie in black and white

How to Prepare for Your Columbia SC Boudoir Session

So, you just booked a Columbia, South Carolina boudoir session with us here at Jessica Hunt Photography, and now you’re ready to prepare for your experience! Don’t worry, just like with everything else within our Columbia, SC boudoir experience, we got you! Today I’m going to walk you through a few steps of how to prepare for your Columbia, SC boudoir session.

Columbia, SC Boudoir Photography models in black and white

Columbia, SC boudoir studio model in black lingerie in black and white

Reasons to have boudoir photos taken

Before you do anything else to prepare for your Columbia, SC boudoir session, I want to encourage you to begin with some mental preparation. Loving yourself out loud and investing in an intimate boudoir experience is a radical act of self-love.It’s an act of self acceptance that can bring you a ton of joy and help build your confidence, both of which are great reasons to have boudoir photos taken.

But before you get into the studio, you might need some of that joy and confidence, too!

Columbia, SC Boudoir studio model wrapped in sheet with glasses

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The Columbia, SC Boudoir Journey

The journey to learning how to love yourself is not an easy one, and I’ll never claim that participating in a boudoir session in Columbia, South Carolina will be a ‘fix all’ for you on your journey to love and accept yourself. But I know for sure that it absolutely will be a positive step in the right direction for you. I often suggest to my Jessica Hunt boudoir clients before their session that they photograph themselves intimately or nude prior to our session together to help normalize the way their body looks to them and to get used to having a camera around when you have less than everything on!

Boudoir Models with Purple hair in magenta lingerie

Columbia, SC boudoir model smiling on bed

Participate in Self Love

Getting your heart and mind ready for a Columbia, SC boudoir portrait session is one of the most important steps you can take in preparing for your boudoir experience. I want to encourage you from the moment that you begin thinking about booking a Columbia, SC boudoir photography session or after you book your session to constantly remind yourself to participate in inner self talk about how wonderful, radiant, and confident you are.

Columbia, SC Studio boudoir models holding breasts

Prepare your mind to love and accept yourself in a way that maybe you haven’t before and allow all of the nerves that you may or may not feel feel slip away with the confidence in knowing that you’ve booked your Columbia, South Carolina photography boudoir session with the best team possible.

Columbia, SC boudoir model with white thong and red bottom shoes

Columbia, SC Boudoir Closet

After you have started working on controlling any negative self-talk and your mental journey to love and accept yourself more, the next step to prepare for your Columbia, SC boudoir session should be looking for and possibly purchasing a few intimate outfits that you absolutely adore and feel incredible in! I know shopping for lingerie can be tough, and you can always count on falling back on our Columbia, South Carolina client boudoir closet for outfits. But, I want to encourage you to look for pieces that really speak to you! Some of my favorite sites to find gorgeous lingerie shops are fashionable Fashion Nova, Shien, Fenty x Savage, and Thistle and Spire.

Columbia, SC boudoir closet

Columbia, SC boudoir studio closet

Hydration is HOT!

So you’ve been working and loving yourself and accepting how you look at any and every moment, you shopped for a few stunning outfits that make you feel like a million bucks, and now it’s the week before your Columbia, South Carolina boudoir photography session! The week leading up to your session is when I suggest even more of the positive self-talk and photographing yourself nude to continue to normalize your body and how you appear intimately to yourself.

Columbia, SC black boudoir model in white lingerie

I also suggest that my clients stay aware of what you’re eating leading up to your session and make sure that you’re fueling your body with things that make you feel good. Another great suggestion is to ensure that you are hydrating properly the days leading up to your session because most Columbia, SC boudoir sessions are a bit like yoga!
You will be stretching, posing, and moving around a lot during our time together in the J Hunt bodies studio, so hydration is key! I’d also suggest that the morning of your session you wake up a little bit early, do some light stretching, and prepared to treat yourself for the whole day.

Columbia, SC boudoir models in chair and with model in glasses with a book

The Day is yours for the taking

The last way to prepare for your Columbia, SC boudoir session is by planning your entire boudoir photography session day! I suggest that my clients use their Columbia, SC boudoir session experience as an excuse to give yourself an entire day of self-love! However that looks to you, that’s what I want you to do on the day of your session.
Either in the morning or after your Columbia, SC boudoir session, however you enjoy spending your time and relaxing is what I would encourage you to do. Plan to have the whole day off! Maybe even take yourself out to your favorite spot for lunch after we finish shooting. You’ll have full hair and makeup, so maybe even plan a fun girl’s night with some drinks with your girls or a date with your partner.

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Columbia, SC Boudoir studio models

Columbia, SC boudoir studio model in black and pink lingerie

Confidence looks good on you, sweety.

This last step ensures that while you’re not only looking forward to your Columbia, SC boudoir session, you can also be looking forward to the entire day that you’ve given yourself! I just want to encourage you to treat the day of your boudoir session as a day that is completely for you. Keep the experience going after you leave the Jessica Hunt Photography studio with a leisurely day that is meant to reward you for all of your vulnerability, confidence, and strength!

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Columbia, SC Boudoir model with prop and blue hair

How to Prepare for Your Columbia SC Boudoir Session

So there you have it! Just a few ways that you can prepare for your Columbia, South Carolina boudoir session! These steps may be just a few things for you to keep in mind when considering booking a boudoir session with us here at Jhuntbodies! Preparing for your Columbia, SC boudoir photography  session can seem like a daunting task, but I hope these points of guidance have helped you feel more prepared for your time with the studio and have given you some great ideas on how to continue to practice radical self love and acceptance- both before our time together and even after our time in the studio.




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