Jul 8, 2021

Props for Boudoir Photos
What to bring and Why bring it

Columbia, SC Boudoir model posing upside down with props and hands on boobs

Props for Boudoir Photos

Incorporating props into your Columbia, SC boudoir session can be a really fun way to highlight your personality, who you are, or something that you love in your intimate photographs. Today, I’m going to chat with you a bit more about the type of props for boudoir photos that I would suggest, how to brainstorm for products on your end, and what are the top three categories you should be keeping in mind when choosing props for your boudoir photos in Columbia, South Carolina at Jessica Hunt Photography.

Columbia, SC Boudoir studio model with blue hair and witchy props

Columbia, SC Boudoir Photos

Columbia, South Carolina boudoir photos can be as fun and as unique as you want them to be! There are tons of reasons to move forward with a boudoir session, and incorporating props for boudoir photos can make your experience so much more you! 

Columbia, SC Boudoir model posting with leather strap in black and white

Props for boudoir photos

Not all of your photos have to be that super-sultry-sexy stare into the camera moment. My first suggestion for when thinking of props to bring to your Columbia, SC boudoir photo session, is think of something fun! Maybe you absolutely love cupcakes and want to bring a few along to play with and snack on for your photos.

Columbia, SC boudoir model posting with sweater and coffee mug

Maybe you even want to bring along some petals of your favorite flowers, your favorite sports team’s jersey, or even something that represents one of your favorite hobbies! Anything that makes you you is a perfect prop for our Columbia, SC boudoir photos!

Boudoir studio model reading a book with finger in mouth while wearing a sheet


Sweet Treats for A Sweetie Pie

Our client Dani, decided to bring in both macaroons and cupcakes and Ally and Eloise Bakeshop here in Columbia, South Carolina for her session. Don’t you just love how fun these photos are? Of course, Dani did receive some of those sexy/sultry Columbia, South Carolina boudoir photos in her gallery, but we made sure to create some gorgeous images to highlight her fun and extra sweet personality.

Columbia, SC boudoir model featuring pink lingerie and eating cupcakes Columbia, SC boudoir model featuring pink lingerie and eating cupcakes brought as props

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Help your partner feel seen

The second thing to keep in mind when deciding on what props for your Columbia, SC boudoir photos you’d like for your boudoir session at the Jessica Hunt Photography boudoir photography studio, is possibly thinking of a way that you can highlight your partner or how these photos are a gift to your partner with your props for boudoir photos. Things like a gaming controller for a few photos because your partner is a gamer or even their uniforms from work would be great examples of great props!

Boudoir Model with video game controller prop and black lingerie on bed Boudoir studio model with video game controller prop and black lingerie on bed

Maybe, your partner absolutely adores a pair of fancy red stilettos that you only wear for special occasions; those are the kind of stilettos you should bring into the studio so we can document them in your images to bring a little bit more of you into your Columbia, South Carolina boudoir photos. We can use those props in those boudoir photos of yours to help your partner feel more seen and affirmed when seeing your images if you plan to give them a print box or album as a gift for them.

Boudoir studio model with red bottom stilettos and white lingerie

When trying to bring a prop along that highlights your relationship with your partner, don’t think too hard! Their favorite outfit of yours, their work uniform, maybe just an oversized shirt of theirs that you love… Anything can work! As long as it’s unique to you and your partnership, we will make it work in some gorgeous photographs!

Boudoir studio model with red bottom stilettos and white thong

Handcuffs, Leather, and Chains! OH MY!

And lastly, another prop you can include and incorporate into your Columbia, South Carolina boudoir session are the kinky ones! Handcuffs, harnesses, chains, leather, collars, and anything else that you might enjoy playing with in an intimate setting are absolutely welcome! Honestly, the kinkier the better! I absolutely love it when my Jessica Hunt Photography clients trust me with some of these more intimate things and kinky props.

Columbia, SC boudoir model wearing mesh lingerie and handcuffsBoudoir studio model with chain collar around neck and white work shirt

It’s always a really special moment for me to have someone willing to be vulnerable and open with me in the studio about the things that they brought along as props for their Columbias, SC boudoir session. I always feel honored when my clients trust me enough to share even their kinks with us!

Boudoir studio model wearing handcuffs and mesh lingerie in black and white

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Your Kink is Safe here

So there you have it, three different ways to choose props for your boudoir photos in Columbia South Carolina. Keep it fun and unique to you, keep your partner in mind if you like, and don’t be afraid to get a little kinky! 

Columbia, SC boudoir model in black lingerie with collar around neck with chain in black and white

Props for boudoir photos

I hope that these few ways to reconceptualize thinking about what props or items you might bring to your own session help get your mind working the days leading up to your session on what props you might want to bring along for your photos and encourage you to think a little bit more out-of-the-box when it comes to selecting products for your boudoir session. Remember, nothing is too weird or too silly or too kinky for us here at Jessica Hunt Photography. Not only do props add more of your character to your images, they also pair so well with the boudoir lingerie that you choose to wear during your session! We love creating gorgeous and genuine Columbia, South Carolina boudoir photos for our clients that highlight who they are and how incredible they look even in the most intimate settings.

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