Aug 23, 2019

Garden Engagement Photos: Lace House & Governor’s Mansion
Bria & Nigel

The South Carolina Lace House and Governor’s Mansion Gardens are one of the most beautiful spots in Columbia, South Carolina to photograph engagement photos. When Bria and Nigel asked if we could visit The Lace House and Governor’s Mansion Gardens for their garden engagement pictures, I was overjoyed! I am so excited to share with you today a few of my favorite frames from their Governor’s Mansion Garden engagement photos!

Bria and Nigel are preparing to get married later this year, and I cannot wait to join them for their Columbia South Carolina wedding day. Their garden engagement photos were a such joy to photograph! We visited not only the South Carolina Lace House and Governor’s Mansion Gardens, but also the South Carolina State House for their engagement pictures.

Garden Engagement Photos

I hope you enjoy this little peek into my favorite frames from their engagement session and reading about how they met, fell in love, and their love story! If you love these beautiful Governor’s Mansion Gardens engagement photos, be sure to leave the couple a comment down below to let them know!

We met at Clemson University in March of 2011. Nigel was a sophomore, and I was a freshman. I was scrolling on facebook and his image popped up under friend suggestions and I was like “Holy Guacamole! who is this fine specimen and how haven’t I seen him before?!?!”
So, like a creeper, I showed his profile to all my friends and asked if anyone knew him. One of my friends did, and she said she’d introduce me to him at an event that was going be taking place. And, so she did!! She introduced me to him at the event; he hugged me AND we exchanged numbers! Being the patient person I am, I waited, but he didn’t text me…
So, I saw him at the spring football game (and I was looking quite good that day if I do remember correctly, ha!), and I asked him if he wanted to hang out that night. He agreed! We watched a movie, and he was extremely boring but cute!!!!
 I agreed to go on a second date, and his personality came out a little more. I met his roommates as well, and one of them told Nigel that he should just marry me right then! We learned that both of our families live in Columbia, and after waiting patiently for a while for him to ask me to be his girlfriend, I gave him an ultimatum. Either he liked me enough to actually be my boyfriend or he just wanted to be friends. And, so he asked me!!

When I knew I was ready to propose to Bria, I wanted to make sure that she was able to enjoy such a monumental moment with all the people she cared with the most. I did this by organizing a dinner with her friends and family!
The day started by me renting her favorite car, a Dodge Challenger, and driving up to Charlotte. I told her I would be taking her to a special brunch that she would never forget!
Meanwhile, I arranged for both our families and our closest friends to meet us at a 1801 Grille in Downtown Columbia.
So after a LONG drive with me barely able to keep the secret, we walked into the room at the Grille and Bria IMMEDIATELY burst into tears after seeing our family and friends there.
Once the initial shock died down, I grabbed her by the hand and began to let her know that I was crazy in love with her, and would want nothing more than to live the rest of my life with her as my wife. I got down on one knee, and she said, “Yes!” We then enjoyed dinner with our friends and family, then took some pictures outside the restaurant.

From Bria:

What I love about Nigel is his heart. He is the MOST kind and loving person I have ever met. I admire how much he cares about others and is always willing to go out of his way to help people. I think a lot of the traits I admire about him come from his family and how they communicate and support one another. Falling in love with Nigel and having been accepted into his family is the first time in my life I have felt loved unconditionally and felt free to just be myself. I will be forever grateful God brought Nigel into my life and I can’t wait to be his wife!

From Nigel:

One thing I love the most about Bria is her genuine spirit. I love that she is naturally a loving, caring person to everyone she meets. That love is only magnified with her actions towards me! She is ALWAYS there for me, no matter what. Even if it’s in the form of tough love, lol. She is my best friend, who I know will continue to push me to be the best I can be.

Throughout our relationship we have grown together, and learned so much of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. She supports me and empowers me to exhibit my strengths. She encourages me to grow in areas where I am weak.

It’s honestly like a perfect puzzle. I’m so grateful to God for letting our paths cross, and for creating such a beautiful person in Bria.

Well… we love to go to Target! We also enjoy singing together, but Nigel is really good and always outshines me. Also, we love Friday night date night. It’s just a nice time to relax and reconnect with each other after a long week. We also loveeee to LAUGH!!!!

For us, it wasn’t actually some fairytale moment… It was more like growing through experiences together and realizing that we were always there for each other when times were good and bad.
Having gone through so much together in our almost 8 years together, it just became difficult, if not impossible, for us to imagine a future without one another.
I think that’s how we knew we were in LOVE… just the idea of living life without the other be almost unfathomable. We are each other’s best friend, and we look forward to a long full life together.

Garden Engagement Photos

I hope you enjoyed these South Carolina Lace House and Governor’s Mansion Gardens engagement photos from Bria and Nigel‘s garden engagement session from earlier this year! I absolutely cannot wait to join them for their South Carolina wedding day later this year. Didn’t you just love some of their answers to these questions about their love story, too?

If you did, be sure to leave a couple a note of your love in the comments below, and check back soon for Bria and Nigel South Carolina wedding photos!




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  1. EllenRuth says:

    LOVE this whole session. They are obviously overjoyed to be together, and I love how these images are so wonderfully classy but they still look comfortable and playful.

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