Sep 15, 2022

What To Expect For Your Boudoir Session
Columbia, SC Boudoir Photography

What to expect from your boudoir photography session in Columbia, SC

What To Expect For Your Boudoir Session

Hi friend! I see you’re looking to book your Columbia, SC boudoir photography session but you have SO many questions! I’ve totally got you covered on every question you may have from beginning to end! In this guide I’m going to give you all the details on what to expect from your boudoir session from your arrival until we finish your session. Ready to get all the tips and details?

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Columbia, SC boudoir model posing on bed Columbia, SC boudoir model posing on chair in black and white with sheet on Columbia, SC boudoir models posing in matching boudoir outfits

Prepping For Your Boudoir Session

Being so vulnerable in front of a camera might be easy for some, but for others it can take a lot of mental prep. Booking your Columbia, SC boudoir session might not even be your “fix all” journey to total self love and full body empowerment but I know it’s something all bodies deserve and a step in the right direction. While preparing for your boudoir session, I often suggest to my Jessica Hunt boudoir clients before their session that they participate in a couple of steps to get mentally ready:

  1. Photograph yourself intimately or nude prior to our session together. This can help to normalize the way your body looks to you and to get used to having a camera around when you have less than everything on!

  2. Have an inner self talk about how wonderful, radiant, and confident you are! Getting your heart and mind ready for a Columbia, SC boudoir portrait session is one of the most important steps you can take in preparing for your boudoir experience.

  3. Fuel your amazing and powerful body with water and foods that make you feel comfortable and healthy! Even going as far as stretching and loosening up your body is a good way to prep!

Columbia, SC boudoir lingerie outfitsColumbia, SC boudoir models posing in lingerieColumbia, SC boudoir studio closetColumbia, SC boudoir studio closet Columbia, SC boudoir model posing in black and whiteColumbia, SC boudoir model in green lingerie

Picking Out Your Boudoir Lingerie!

Now that we’ve prepared our minds for our Columbia, SC boudoir session, It’s time to put on something sexy! It’s time to possibly purchase a few intimate outfits that you absolutely adore and feel incredible in. And if you decide not to buy any new items, the Jessica Hunt boudoir closet has your back! You are SO welcome to bring a couple different outfits to change into throughout your time at the Jessica Hunt boudoir studio and even pick out something you love from the closet offered here! The boudoir closet is a handpicked collection of Lingerie pieces from various size-inclusive companies to help clients who come into our studio for their South Carolina boudoir photography to utilize. We have a large collection of outfits for all of our clients to potentially use during their session with us. Our size range includes from small to 4X, and everywhere in between! 

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Columbia, SC boudoir beauty prepColumbia, SC boudoir beauty prep Columbia, SC boudoir beauty prep Columbia, SC boudoir beauty prep in black and white

Your Boudoir Beauty Prep

Why yes, we have your beauty vendors right here at the studio! Our lovely Antonia Scott Beauty is always here to help you get into your boudoir glam. After you’ve decided on your outfits and prepared for your boudoir session, you’ll hop right into your beauty vendors seat at the Jessica Hunt boudoir studio. Here’s some tips straight from Antonia to help you prepare for your boudoir beauty prep:

  • You’ll want to arrive with clean, makeup free skin. Antonia will prep your skin properly with professional grade products before we get started on your makeup application!

  • Ditch the Bra! The morning of your session, we always suggest you wear comfy, loose fitting clothing to the studio t avoid any lines and indentations in your skin.

  • While hair removal is a completely optional and personal choice, if you are opting for professional hair removal prior to your boudoir session like waxing, threading or sugaring- please do so 3-7 days prior to your session. This will give ample time for any redness to subside. If you are shaving at home, do so at least 24 hours before! Having your eyebrows professionally waxed or threaded is a great way to help frame your eyes in photos. Removing those stray hairs also helps your eyeshadow blend seamlessly!

  • Gone are the days of “dirty hair holds better!” Hair should be clean and dry! Unless you are wearing your hair in its natural state for your boudoir session, please ensure that your hair is clean and 100% dry when you arrive to the studio!  If you have fine hair, pin straight hair, or hair that just doesn’t hold a curl- Antonia will utilize professional products to help add grit, texture and hold to your hair.

  • Treat yourself to a fresh mani/pedi! Your hands will be in nearly every photo, and your nails are an important detail that can easily be forgotten about! Treat yourself to a fresh manicure or a DIY mani at home.

  • Drink lots of water in the weeks leading up to your session! Being hydrated helps aid in glowing skin!

Your boudoir beauty vendor has you covered and is going to make sure you look your absolute best for your boudoir photographs. 

Columbia, SC boudoir studio in 5 pointsColumbia, SC boudoir model posing in black and whiteColumbia, SC boudoir model posing on bed holding breastsColumbia, SC boudoir model posing on bedColumbia, SC boudoir model posing in black and white

Your Boudoir Photographs

So we totally know what to expect for our boudoir session now, but what about taking the photos and delivery? After your personalized pampering in the boudoir beauty department, we’re about to spend a good hour to hour and a half together making magic. This boudoir experience is shaped around you! I’ll create a safe, comfortable environment that helps you feel empowered, validated, and seen in your chosen boudoir outfits and more.

And once we finish your session and you head out the studio doors, you can expect a scheduled virtual reveal of your photos in just a couple of weeks! You’ll choose your favorite photos and have the opportunity to order beautiful prints of your images, a little black book for your partner, or a glass print box for yourself.

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Columbia, SC boudoir model posing on bed in black and whiteColumbia, SC boudoir model posing on bedColumbia, SC boudoir male model Columbia, SC boudoir print boxes and books

What To Expect For Your Boudoir Session

Now that you know every detail on what to expect for your boudoir session, you are going to receive all the self love and empowerment. These tips are all designed to help you prep fully for your session so that the magic we create together leads to a more confident and elevated version of yourself. So there it is! All the details you need for a successful boudoir session. I can’t wait to work with you!



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