Nov 5, 2018

Soda City Engagement Photos
Jacob & Melanie

Every Saturday morning in Columbia, South Carolina on Main Street, our little city’s small business owners and entrepreneurs come together to sell their wares in conjunction with the city at The Soda City Market. My lovely couple, Melanie and Jacob, wanted to use the setting Soda City as the backdrop for a part of their engagement session earlier this year. Today, I wanted to feature these Soda City engagement photos for you to enjoy.

Soda City Engagement Photos

Melanie and Jacob are such a sweet couple. They are planning to get married later this year in November, and I cannot wait to join them for their wedding day. We met up on Saturday morning a few months ago to explore the Soda City Market and head to a separate location to take a few photos of them and their two pups, Chachi and LeRoy. A few of my favorite things about the Soda City Market are all of the delicious food options that the local businesses offer! Things like avocado toast, açai fruit bowls, locally roasted coffee, and so much more! It’s honestly one of my favorite things about Columbia, South Carolina on a Saturday, aside from all the weddings, of course. ;)

Melanie and Jacob visited the market together during the first few months of their relationship, and it seems like the perfect location for a few engagement portraits for them. We explored the market together and enjoyed a bit of coffee from 72 Coffee Company and a yummy meal from The Belgian Waffle Truck. Jacob even stopped to snag a bouquet of fresh flowers for his girl!

Portraits with the Pups

After we finished up at the market, we met up with Melanie‘s older sister and the couple’s pups for a few family portraits of the four together. Obviously, I loved hanging out with LeRoy and Chachi, and I absolutely love the casual nature of these photos. Melanie and Jacob look so happy and comfortable in their portraits with the pups, and they are some of my favorite frames from their entire session!

I hope you enjoy my favorite frames from Melanie and Jacob’s Soda City Engagement session at the Soda City Market in Columbia, South Carolina. This couple is SO cute, and I absolutely cannot wait for their wedding day! Enjoy!

“We met when in third grade at Orangeburg Christian Academy, and were friends throughout high school and while Melanie was in college. We started spending more and more time together, and attended a few music festivals during the spring/summer of 2014. We have always had a connection, but it was clear to both of us that we wanted to be more than friends. Melanie lived in Aiken at the time, so Jacob would drive from North every weekend and some weekdays so they could hang out. Finally on June 14, 2014, he asked her if she wanted to start dating, and the rest is history.”

Since Soda City is held from the early morning until the afternoon, a coffee stop was a must for us to get their session started off! My friends over at 72 Coffee Company, who just launched their mobile cocktail bar perfect for your next event or wedding, served us up some delicious and much needed caffeine.

The proposal story:

“We have both known for a long time that we wanted to get married, and now was finally the right time. So, there’s no big story. We just talked and decided we are ready to get married, and we have slowly been telling our loved ones over the past month and a half.” One of Melanie and Jacob’s favorite places to stop by at the market on Saturday mornings is the lovely Belgian Waffle Truck. They serve up both savory and sweet goodies, all wrapped in waffles. Check out their Instagram if you’d like to drool a lil bit.

“Along with our fur babies, we just want to live a simple life that allows us to go different places and experience different things together. We joke about how we are already and old couple, so growing old together and enjoying our life is our ultimate goal.”

“Going back to the spring of 2014, we were at Banjo-B-Que in Evans, GA, and we spent most of the time talking and connecting rather than watching the bands play. That’s when we both knew there was something more there.”

Soda City Engagement Photos

I hope you enjoyed this little look into one of my favorite Soda City engagement session today. Melanie and Jacob will be celebrating their relationship and getting married in November this year, so check back around then to see their beautiful South Carolina wedding photos!

Not from Columbia and wondering why we call our city ‘Soda City’? Check out ColaToday’s article on the history of the term and why we use it to this day!



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