Feb 21, 2017

WPPI 2017 Recap
Five Days in VEGAS!

This February I had the opportunity to attend WPPI 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was an incredible (aka **busy**!!) trip! I wanted to share with you my WPPI 2017 recap with images from a styled shoot I attended in a dry lake bed, two photo-walk classes I joined, and a few iphone shots of selfies and the like!

First, off, if you’re wondering what WPPI stands for it is ‘Wedding and Portrait Photographers International‘, and it’s a annual event for wedding and portrait photographers to come together in one city for a week to learn from the best in the business, network with the pros, and walk through the Expo floor full of hundreds of vendors catering to the photography industry. All-in-all, it’s a jam packed week full of photography and business and fun and all the things, really.

And boy, when I say ‘jam packed week’, I MEAN IT! Every day there was ALWAYS something to do, and it was definitely hard to balance my experience in Las Vegas between tourist-y things and business/photography things. I found that even though I was there for FIVE DAYS, I still didn’t even see half of the things I thought I was going to have time for!

I stayed in a super nice hotel with my two friends Melissa and Mary; who are also both wedding photographers from South Carolina. I was really happy to be there with someone I knew, because my LAWD, Vegas is a hard city to navigate!! SHEESH! We went to a few events together and apart, but I loved having a part of this trip be getting to know each of them better!

I was able to meet SO many amazing photographers at my meet and greets at the Two Bright Lights booth on the Expo floor, and seriously, internet friends, I was SO honored that TBL even asked me to represent them at WPPI this year!! I am just so in love with their passion for seeing photographers published and their heart for small businesses, I could just go on and on. If you’re a photographed and haven’t checked out Two Bright Lights, do your self a favor and do IT, like, NOW.

I met up with Nathan Holritz from Photographer’s Edit and the team over at 17Hats. I met Julie-freaking-Paisley (*fan girl moment*) and was able to hear her teach for a few moments. I was able to meet Natalie Frank, Tomayia Colvin, and Zack and Jody Gray (if you’re not a photographer and don’t recognize these names, then just change these names in your head to your favorite musical artists and imagine your excitement if you met them; that is how I felt! haha)!!

I attended photowalk classes with photographers who specialize in same-sex weddings and an intensive two-hour class on who to be a more empathetic and inclusive wedding photographer. I bought a Holdfast strap, finally, after being able to see it in person on the Expo floor and found a new lens that I’m dying for.

I mean, I could go on and on!! It was an incredible week, seriously, PACKED full of things to do, and I came home excited to snug with my dog and take a few long, long naps! SOOO, with all of that being said, let’s get to the pretty images!!

First up, the styled shoot I attended at the Eldorado Dry Lake Bed right outside Las Vegas! These incredible gowns were designed by Diamond Herby, and the florals were provided by Mylofleur Floral Design. Melissa found this event on Facebook, so she’s to thank for getting us to this shoot, and I’m so glad she was on her Facebook game for events during the week for us! HUGE thank you to Capri for setting this up and letting me join!

After that, the next time I had an opportunity to shoot was Tuesday evening for a photo walk I signed up for with Trace and Dee from 37 Frames Photography, and it was incredible! Our models were a real couple preparing to get married later this year, and both of them were actors and models in LA, so obviously incredibly handsome and cute together. I was extra excited about shooting and learning on this photo walk, because I haven’t yet had the pleasure of shooting a wedding between two men, so this was a great experience for me and my portfolio! ;)

And the last photo opportunity I had was with Thea Dodds from Authentic Eye, and it was also INCREDIBLE! I took her master class the evening before on being a more open and inclusive wedding photographer, and learning to shoot from her and how she interacted with the couple was such a great experience. AND, of course in WPPI fashion, the models were again gorgeous and so cute together!

AND, I have a few iPhone and snapchat shots to share with you (or just the ones I remembered to save, lol)!

So to give you my WPPI 2017 recap in a few words; an incredible experience with my fellow peers in the wedding industry and seriously, a hell of a good time!! Oh, and EXHAUSTING too!

Special thanks to Mary and Melissa for putting up with my crazy, hangry self; the trip wouldn’t have been what it was without you two ladies!



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  1. Lisa

    March 11th, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    This is just Awesomesauce!!! So happy for your jam packed yet exciting learning experience. I really loved how you shared it too here. Beautiful images through and through love!

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