Feb 4, 2017

Ranger’s First Birthday
Puppy Cake Smash

Today, February 4th, is my pup Ranger’s FIRST birthday!! Ranger found me last year, and ever since my life has been better. Just simply BETTER because of him.

Ranger truly is my little best friend and partner in crime! He goes with me pretty much everywhere, even if it’s just to run errands! Since he’s such a big part of my life every day, I wanted to get creative for his birthday and decided since human parents do cake smash sessions for their kiddos, why can’t I do a puppy cake smash session for Ranger?!?

And so, I did!! And Ranger LOVED it. He really loved standing at attention for pictures to get a little treat, and obviously  loved eating his cake from Silver Spoon Bake Shop! They created a semi-naked cake with blue little paw prints for him. Just the cutest little thing!!

And Ranger looks so handsome in these shots because he is wearing a Pecan Pie Puppies collar and bowtie for his birthday! You’ve just GOT to check out their instagram and get your pup one of these!! I don’t think I’m going to ever take it off him!

I could probably write a few more paragraphs about how much I love this little dog and get choked up about it too, but I’ll just get to the cute pictures.

Happy birthday, Ranger Danger!!

What’s a birthday without balloons, right? 

How CUTE is this cake?!!?!

I had to get a few of his favorite type of toys: the ones with fluff AND a squeaker on the inside. He loves to destroy them, so I, as a good dog mom, have learned to only buy toys for the little guy from the Dollar Tree!


Ryan from Pecan Pie Puppies really had baby boy looking dapper!! I just love him in a bowtie!

In this next one, his face says it all. He was ready for his cake!

And after his cake, we went outside for a few more shots since he just looked so dapper…

And I was able to get this image of him… hands down my favorite pictures of Ranger to date!

And on the walk home, I was able to capture the happy look he gives me every day. Look at all that love…

Let me know how cute you think Ranger’s puppy cake smash session is in the comments!! I promise to read him every single one!



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  1. Kayla Turnage

    February 4th, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    Oh my gosh! He is the cutest!

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